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Saturday, November 15, 2008

im leaving theO...at first i didnt want to cuz i have soooo many great friends here but nobody is here anymore and i bet i will only have 1 or 2 comments....
btw if u have a myspace write it down in the comments cuz i have a myspace and i will add u if u still want to be friends...



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Monday, March 3, 2008

well as u guys already know there no Verison Vibrant. well i dont really care cuz i dont know much about the thing...

today was boring... oh but there was a a funny thing that happened. well this guy was going to give our school a boring speech so the whole school had to be in our gym. well this 8th grade saw the Princ. coming so he screamed,"The Antichrist is Coming" and everybody started laughing but the teachers were in there with us so they got pissed. XD

well its 6:45 so im going to make me dinner. im going to make ramen (YAY i love ramen) XD

*hugs* byz ttyl :D

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

   really weird questions (lol)
well hows everyone? im ok but im really bored. well im putting some questions up. there weird and stupied so u dont have to answer anything u dont want to ok.

1) whats your favorite color(s)?
2) whats your favorite animal(s)?
3) are u gay or bisexual or neither? (lol)
4) are u a virgin? (lol)

well thats it. i thought the last 2 questions were funny. i know these are the stuipest questions but im bored and i got nothing better to do.

My answers:
1) purple, blue, black and red
2) cats and dogs
3) neither
4) yes (duh im not a slut)

byz ttyl

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my life is boring so im just going to put random questions. u dont have to anwser anything u dont want to ok. :D

1)Your real Name
2)Your age
3)Your Height
4)Your Weight
5)Your Eye Color
6)Your Hair Color
7)What do u go to a privite or public school

My Anwsers:
3)5"3 1/2
4)112 (im on a diet)
5)light brown
6)dark brown

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