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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   The Girl That Waited (read this)
I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Haku
Likes: Zabuza
Dislikes: Anyone against Zabuza(or me)
Owner: Chedda Hodges

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The class began, I sat in thought
I was getting depressed, brain left in a knot
I thought of my parents, how I let them down
I felt almost evil, my face made them frown
I thought and I struggled to listen in class
Thinking no one here cares, I'm part of a mass
Nobody cared, all would go on
I heaved a huge sigh as I took all this in
but never understood what was wrong within
The class ends and everyone leaves me
except for one girl
this one sad girl
She had so many problems, so much pain in her life
But this one girl had the time for me
She asked what was wrong
I was so selfish, I unloaded it on her burdened back
She hurts now more than ever, and all I can do
Is tell you of her, and hope that one day
She will get better, and I can help her too

If you understood, and you can feel her pain too
please pray for her, as I often do

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