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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

   Lonesome Banner
I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Haku
Likes: Zabuza
Dislikes: Anyone against Zabuza(or me)
Owner: Chedda Hodges

Click here to adopt your own Naruto chibi!
Sound your existence, that your here
A new life for the broken starts now
As we live through the changing seasons we,
..have gained stregnth and wisdom, but..
Life just looks like a survival game
In the passing time, I had forgotten
That I even felt the feelings I left behind
When you are falling, you learn loneliness
.....But we are not alone....
Reveal your emotions, your deep emotions
Tears won't continue to change this fate
Sound your heart in the darkness, we will meet again
Under the banner of shared pain

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