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Greetings and welcome to my corner of "The Otaku". Please feel obligated to take a quick peek at my art portfolio, and leave a supporting comment. I do atm take requests for any anime or original character that you would like me to do up for you.
A little background of me for ya: my name is Sakura Fujiwara, At the moment I am a modest Trinity Blood fan ever since it has aired on the American television. I also like any other sci-fi anime that includes mechs, or guns, or paranormal story plots. :)

If you are going to my portfolio to see my pictures, I would DEEPLY, DEEPLY appreciate it if you would comment or critique it as best you can. I like hearing what people think about my art.

I would like to share with the otaku my dream...I actually really wish to become a great artist one day. I want to publish my own manga, and someday even make it into an anime. Its probobly impossible for me to do though since people dont take American-made anime/manga seriousley and I really hate that egotistical steriotype. And I am also an aspiring paralegal.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

   Leaving TheOtaku
Just like the title said. TheOtaku has gotten very dull for the past month. I dont really get the reactions from my art that I was expecting.
You can visit my DeviantART page by clicking/copy pasting this link:
On there, I am continuing my manga "The Hunted" while at the same time posting art from Original Anime's, or some of my own basic art.
See ya'll on DA
~Sakura Fujiwara~

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

okay internet is back up.
I will be posting new stuff ASAP. :)

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Code Red
It is official. My modem in my computer is completely gone, and my motherboard is fried I dont know how. (I'm posting this on a school computer)
I will not have any requests up or any new manga pages up until I get it fixed witch will take about 2 months. (for getting the money, and waiting to get it fixed)
I am truely sorry you have to wait that long but thats just how it is. Sorry I'm making you wait. >_<

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