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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Guhh, I've been out with a cold. D: I SWEAR, Livi sent it to me from Australia....(Kyo's got a cold, too.)

SO!! My wonderful friend Jenna (see JennaStoffels on deviantart) let me colour one of her lineart pictures; the Queen of Hearts.

Now, while I REEEEAAALLY don't like Alice in Wonderland, I DO like Jenna's chibi style, and it gave me a good opportunity to try out this new colouring style of mine. The parts that should be black look blue, so I gotta figure out how to fix that, and the skirt part looks dumb, but other than that, I REALLY like how I coloured it. :o

The Voice: That's a first.

Me: No kidding, eh?

I can't scan it right now though, since my dad's scanner is being lame. =o= So I need to wait until I go home this weekend.

....When I take my computer from home...how am I gonna use the scanner if this one doesn't work?!



Grugh. I'm going to bed again. My head feels TERRIBLE.....

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008




Listen, listen, listen,'kay?!

Erm....Oh, I thought up a new way to colour stuff. I've been trying to follow ElvesAteMyRamen's tutorial roughly for AGES now. But I just don't have the finesse. ^_^; So, through trial and error, I found a new way. (Just like she said I would!) I actually quite like how it came out. :3 'Cept I broke one of my red pencils in half...one that I use a lot. @_@ (These aren't the Prismacolours, I use those and another set.) Soooo this'll be interesting....

I've been reading like CRAZY lately. Since I don't really have any friends at my new school save one girl (I'm okay with this), I have lots of time to do homework and read. I'm running out of books....Good thing I live RIGHT next to a bookstore now. Anyone have any recommendations?

Still working on fixing site. MyO is being a prat again.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New school.

I started going to mah new school yesterday~

So far, it's been alright....I KNOW I'm gonna fail Economics. I may actually do well in Maths, though.
And I'm having trouble pronouncing German...That's bizarre for me. I actually answered a question in Japanese instead.

"Wie heisst du?" (Actually, the ss is the cool B thing, but my keyboard doesn't have it....)
"Watashi wa Max! Er....."

Gym is gonna KILL me. I'm more out-of-shape than I thought. T_T But the gym teacher is kind enough to let me run laps in the gym instead of around the track outside. (If I did that, the sun would KILL me. Sun gives me a headache, nausea, and makes my skin feel like it's catching fire. I was all splotchy and red and spotty just after the short time being outside....But as I said, he's aware of it now, and he let me run laps in the gym. Nice man! I'm so glad he took me seriously......

I'm a little sad, though; I don't have any friends there yet. At lunch, I basically sit by myself. Well, until Dan comes. He comes over and asks me about dubbing and mixing, and how I do it. But I have no-one to chat with in class, no-one to hang out with me in the halls.....I really miss my friends from my old school. There, there were people who went to my grade school, so I still knew people. Here? Absolutely no-one. It's a strange feeling.

I mean, they're nice enough, I guess. But......not really.......friend-like. (Although I wanna strangle Shannon. =o=)

Ah, well.

On a lighter note.....TUA EPISODE TWO IS ALMOST OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::BUZZES OFF THE WALLS!!!!!!!!!!::

I'm SO excited about this, if you can't tell. XD Kyo is, too! (See callmecaelestis on YouTube.) We're gonna advertise like HECK.

I'm....gonna go fix my page. ^_^;;;

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Monday, July 14, 2008


....Still need to work on my new theme..What should it--OOH! KARIN: CHIBI VAMPIRE! HUZZAH!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!

So, my friend kinda talked me into playing Wonderland online. It's interesting enough. You get to kidnap adorable blob monsters and keep 'em as pets. And a monkey. I named him Joe.


I drew my very first Inu-Yasha fanart EVAH. (The Kikyou one doesn't count, that was a start to something I never finished. And I hate her.) GRANTED, I used a picture of Kyo and Tohru as a reference, BUT I DIGRESS! (What, I suck at proportions, I need a guide every once in a while. >>)

So, here they be: Lookie! I'm fanart!

The story behind Kagome's scar and new clothing is a looooooong and tedious one. Basically, a story idea that's been bubblin' and brewin' in mah head since around the time I first saw the show. So about five years now.

And no, I'll never write it. I'm a terrible writer. PLEASE don't ask me to. Plus, it's pretty personal to me, since I've been thinking over it for so long. And ALSO if I don't get it just write (::Smacked for pun::), I'll be upset with myself, BECAUSE it's personal. And again, due to my bad writing skills, I'd most likely NOT get it right. So there, nyah. :P

I wish I liked drawing better. But, for me to actually draw something, three things must happen:

-I must have the will to draw.
-I must have EXACTLY what I want to do pictured in my head.
-I need to have the time to do it. (I usually draw a piece in one go, which is probably why they're so sloppy. But if I stop, I probably won't finish because of these three factors, sooo...)

All three must happen at once. THEREFORE! Art pieces do not emerge from my hand often.

Lesse, should I bore you with anything else?




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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, I'm just sittin' here, watching Lord of the Rings. (Run horsies, run!!) Ew, orc.....


(Oh, and sorry about the backround....I'm working on my new theme. >> So until then, just enjoy Kyo. Even if he's making the font hard to read. ^_^; )

^o^ Pippin sings purdy......

Beth needs to stop hogging the laptop. -_-+ I can only get it when she's at work or when she's asleep. (And she goes to bed LATE.....)

So. This dude asked me to play Sailor Mars for a dub a long time back, right? Well, he's got some clips partially mixed already. I don't sound like myself....It's nuts.

I wonder if they casted mostly pretty boys for these movies on purpose....?

Neigh, baby! (The horsies are freaking out.)

Heh, it's like I'm doing commentary. XD

I can kinda compose music now! Yippee! (I just need to fill it out....I've got the beginning and end of a song, so I'm working on connecting it with a middle. I don't want it to be just a minute or so long. >> Aim high, that's my thang.)

Aaand Arwen's being dramatic.....

I think I'll just stop here. O_o

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