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Friday, March 3, 2006

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Fruits Basket Destiny Quiz

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Your anime hair colour is... WHITE!!! You are smart

and serious. Don't worry, you can be sweet

and funny too. You are seen as powerful and

appealing by all your friends, which is why

they often ask YOU for advice!

What's your true anime hair colour?
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Ok, so i realize not that not everybody knows what im talking about when i say "Competition".
Last weekend we (the Los Gatos High school Color Guard) went to Fresno to compete in Reginal competitions. we made it to Finals and we then got 3rd! hooray!

Colorguard is a sport that has to do a lot with dancing. and we use flags and sabers and rifles. everyone does dance and flags and the weapon lines are for pleople who have "mastered" flag, basically.
me personally, im on Flag and Rifle line. im working on getting on Sabre line next year! <3 well if you guys have any other questions just ask!<3


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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yuck! im sick with the flu and i feel like crap! poo! i have to go to practice tomorrow and i also have a competion on Friday, well actually its on Sat. but we're leaving on Friday. i really hope that i get better by then. gah! i have such a bad cough! grrr! well i hope everyone else is feeling loads better than i am right now. Please, do tell, how is everyone? i am on break right now, is any one else? Cya!


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Monday, February 20, 2006

kimono modern
You love your individuality. You are strongest when

you are showing the world how you care about

things and people. You love to dance and

sing, just about anything. People sometimes

think your a nut, but you just laugh. Good

for you!

What kimono would you wear? (Beautiful anime pics)
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warrior angel
You have feather wings. You are pretty easy going

and love people. Your friends always come to

you first when they need help or someone to

hang with. Cool.

What kind of wings would you have? (Anime Pics)
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pink angel
pink angel

What Kind of Angel are you? (beautiful anime Pics)
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Yay! look at all the quizes! hoohah! ENJOY!


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Monday, February 13, 2006

   How Kool!
How awesome is this you guys; i am offically the 5,000th most popular on the otaku!

i know i know big deal right but im having fun!
hoohah! enjoy life guys! <3


True Name: Avasa
Element: Fire or Water
Colour: Red, White, Black, Dark Blue
Description: Independent people love love, but are

often afraid of getting hurt or becoming

dependent on someone. They want their love to

be perfect, so they usually don't just date

anyone. They date people who they know will

be there somewhere in the future. This causes

them to turn down some dates and may make

them appear to be cold-hearted, but this

usually isn't the case at all. They just

prefer their space and only want someone in

their lives who won't be dependent or make

them dependent. This is often the case with

making friends. At first they may appear cold

and shy, but once you get to know them, they

will be much more open and sometimes hyper.

But don't expect these people to want to go

somewhere with you. They will often be at

home enjoying the company of themselves, and

will only go if they feel pressured or if

they owe you a favor. They make good and bad

grades in school depending on the subject,

but strive to do well. They don't really play

sports or are in school clubs unless their

friends pressure them. They hate it when

people pressure them, but often give in

knowing that that person will owe them in the


+)(+ What Symbol or Emotion Does Your Soul Resemble? +)(+ {For girls only! Beautiful Pics!}
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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Im so excited it smells and sounds and feels like spring (its hot!)
anyway, i love spring. i have always liked spring and i thought that fall was my favorite season but i may have a change of heart! i love the way everything feels! so fresh and crisp and cool; this is the season were things really do feel "cool" in spring. im watching AVITAR! woohoo! well yeah. so how are all of you?


This smiley has nothing w/ how i feel right now i just really like this one!yay!<3

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

well all i can say is that im really tired and i need to sleep right now but i haven't updated in a long time so i knew that you all would need my consolation so i decided to come and fulfill that purpose! hazaah! well if anyone needs to talk feel free. i know one of my friends lost a cousin and they dedicated a post to them, so let me just say that i hope he rests peacefully and if you need to talk about it then come and PM me and every thing will be ok. im really good at listening and making people feel better. so just know im here. and you don't even need to comment to this post if you don't want to.
well any who, i just started my new Health/Driver's Ed. class a couple days ago! hoohah! it seems like it will be a really fun class! i can't wait to drive! yay! hoohah!
hmmmm so what else is going on in all your little worlds huh?
today i think my mom got the flu! yuck! do you guys know if thats contagious? hmm i hope not! well ok i love u all, and get some sleep ok you ensomniacs?!<3


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Friday, January 13, 2006

   hey every1 this is what my friend KTP got on this quiz! woot woo!

Your Life at Hogwarts. (in the time of the marauders) by Lucius
Word that bests discribes you
Wand14 inch Mahogany dragon heart string
Magical SkillCharms
OccupationNormal you choose to live in the muggle realm
Wizard that Hates youSirius Black, He suspects you of working for the dark lord Voldemort
Wizard that loves youSirius Black, you don't judge him for his past. you believe him, he thinks you have beautiful eyes.
Quiz created with MemeGen!


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

   Thank you Prongsly-boy!
People see you as a freindly and popular
induvidual. You tend to look on the bright side
of things and have many friends. Your
leadership skills and popularity are attractive
to others. Some may be a little intimidated by
you at first, but in the end your carefree
attitude usually wins them over. Just make sure
you don't put your friends in front of

What do people see in you?
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yay! i got the same as Prongsly-boy! woot woo! i love wu! shshshhshhshsh! don't tell!

p.s i really like this mood smiley that i chose! it rocks my socks!

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