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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

   omg babies.... XC
so i babysit these two kids right? the little boy is 4 and the little girl is 2. and they are both just adorable... sometimes.

OH MY FUCKING JESUS! today was a stressful day. the 4 year old was being awful today just for the sake of being awful! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! it was so stressful. XC
but i know he's a good kid and all he really wants is attention but sometimes i just can't handle him! ahhhh! and today was one of those days, he was just screaming and yelling cuz i got mad at him for hitting. ugh. and he wouldn't stay on timeout... ugh, he was so effing difficult to deal with, so stubborn and butt-headed. grrr. ah well thats 4 year olds for you. :/ at least i have the girl, she's a little angel... again, most of the time. today was a good day for her, it's not always... but today, thankfully, she was good and slept a lot. its like when one is acting badly the other takes that as an opportunity to be super cute and good... ugh, why can't they both be good? i guess the universe might implode it that were to ever happen. boo. anyways sorry for venting but i needed it. :P


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

   hmmm post.
well hi hi, i guess its been a while since ive been around. but heres whats new:
-im done with finals!
-im on spring break
-my roommate is moving out for sure this time and i did get to say a good goodbye to her...
-next quarter im taking japanese 6, WWII history class, and Anthropology 2(intro basically)
-Me and a few of my friends are going to SF tomorrow! im super excited! XD
- I went shopping with my mom today and got some new shoes! yum!!! ;)
-im in love with Super Junior's new MV Sorry Sorry. here it is! you should definitely go watch it! ;D


i love it! please watch it! :D


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Friday, March 6, 2009

   Ahhhh friday. :)
hello all. i've had a pretty good day so far. given that it is 12:30ish, its kind of in the middle of my day, so there's plenty of room for things to still go wrong but, regardless so far so good.

im feeling esspecially good because i just finished my Econ midterm! yeah! (im taking Micro Econ) and i feel like it did pretty well on it. :) *karma kap!* i really hope it goes better for me than the last midterm... seeing as i flunked it... :D yay! :/ *sarcasm sarcasm*

any-who, things with the boy i like are kind of at a stand still because we are both really busy... :/ and ill be going home for this weekend too because my friend from Pennsylvania is coming home! so i have to go see her! XD i can't wait to see her! she has a site too but she never goes on anymore... sad hat. She is my Mooney! :) and i have another friend who is on here as Prongs... but she too hasn't been on in quite some time... sad hat.

any-who have a good day everyone! ;)


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Monday, March 2, 2009

hi hi! i don't really have time to post but i thought i might as well.

so recently i've liked this boy right? and idk if he knows that or not... but i really like being friends with him and just chillin. but you know when you and a person realize that one or the other or both have feelings for the other... (ugh english) ... and then when you realize that, the awkwardness creeps in and you don't know what to do cuz now you're both aware of the other's feelings and don't know where to go from here... i hate that! its so dumb. why can't people just be comfortable with liking one another? derrr! any thoughts? i would like to stay friends if this doesn't go anywhere, but that seems to be very difficult for boys to try as well... hrmph!

Xiah's all the man i need!


Love it! XD


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Monday, February 23, 2009

   emotional roller coaster... woohoo... :/
hey there guys.

i have had quite the weekend. and im quite exhausted... but i still wanted to say hi.

so this friday i had a date with this guy i met at my friends birthday party... lol cliche right? i know. but he was really funny and really cool and sweet. we have similar personalities so we never ran out of things to talk about. :) idk if ill go out with him again. but he was fun. my only problem is i like this other boy who lives in my dorm and idk if the feeling is mutual... i know we are good friends but idk if there is more. lol this feels kind of high school... but thats okay. i have yet to talk about this with my friends here just because i don't want to jinx anything, and i only say that because it has happened before. :/ but i think that if i tell myO friends that it won't have the jinx effect :D
then after my date i went to this dance that was being held at my college and that went till 1am. and me and my friends stayed the whole time! it was really fun but there were lots of creepers. :( so me and my friends just danced with each other and helped keep each other away from other creepers! :D yay. and then i fell asleep in my friends room at like 3:30am just after we had ordered pizza. lol what a mess.

so that was friday...

i woke up at about 9:30 and i went down to my other friends house and we made floor waffles! basically we had two waffle makers sitting on the floor plugged in, makin the waffles. :) they were yum yums. and then me and my friend who left school came to pick me up and we went to go see the movies Caroline! it was really good! a lot darker than i had expected... but then again this is Tim Burton we're talking about. :) (he's amazing)!
and then we met up with more of the waffle gang and we went sweater shopping at a thrift store, but we didn't have much luck unfortunately. :(
and then we went to go see the guy who lives in my dorm that i like play bass in this jazz band at this coffee shop that was having an open mic night. lol what a long sentence.

and after that... the shit hit the fan.

i walk in my room and i see one of my roommates has all of her stuff packed up... and i see everything sitting there in luggage bags and nothing really registers at first. and then i realize that she is leaving school.


thats kind of how i felt. it was lots of emotions... i was kind of mad at first because she never told me anything, and then i was emidiately sad because i thought that, that was what our relationship as roommates had become. she wouldn't even tell me if she was leaving school. :/ i was so sad that she didn't even feel like i deserved some kind of explanation...

so then i went and talked to the boy who lives in my dorm about all this and how sad it made me but also i kind of wanted to know if he knew anything, but he didn't. and then my roommate came home...

i went into my room to ask her what was up with leaving, like why and why so suddenly. she told me that it was because of her dad. he has Parkinson's and while he was undergoing surgery to help stop the disease from spreading so much they found a tumor. and because they had to do the first surgery first, he has to go back later and get the tumor taken out. and my roommate was going to go home so that she could be home with her family and support them while he has his surgeries. and that totally makes sense. it just made me so sad. not just because even though we have fought, i will still miss her; but also because if that had been my dad, i don't know what i would have done! and the thing with my roommate is that she is not really able to express her feelings at all. and i am totally the opposite, im a crier. :/ and at first i just thought that she was being really cold, but i realized that its just the way that she was brought up, and the funny thing is, her dad is the exact same way. :) so its clear how much this must being affecting her but she just is incapable of showing it. :/

but wait theres more! (ugh)

so then she goes to cancel all her classes and her housing and meal plan and all that jazz and me and my other roommate wait around so that we can say goodbye to her and we wont miss her leaving, cuz if she had that opportunity she totally would just write us notes and leave.... (ahh! it was very frustrating)

but then...
she comes back and we're like, so how did it go? and all she says is "i'm staying" and me and my roommate just look at each other like... wtf! so she explains that her dad came and told her that he wants her to stay here and finish the quarter and then come home for spring break so that he can have the surgery then with everyone there and she won't have to leave school. but she might leave after this quarter is over... but we don't really know yet. ugh.

and for me i was kind of feeling like, everyone close to me is leaving. my best friend, and my roommate, not that we were really close recently cuz of our fight, but i still care about her you know? that kind of just happens when you live with someone, at least for me it has. so after we find all of this out its kind of impossible to deal with so me and my roomie go down town and go shopping in efforts to do something to get our minds off this situation that just sucks. and the only good things that came out of this whole experience is: i got to realize that i do care about my roommate and i got the chance to tell her that, and i got to talk to the guy i like about it and just see how he felt about the whole thing, and then i got a really cute LBD :) ( Little Black Dress.) lol so even though everything kind of just sucks right now, i know that it will all work out and all i can do is pray, and im not a christian, but i feel like anything helps. i just pray that her dad will be okay. XC agh!

this was a massive post, if you actually read it all i commend you and thank you for doing so! :)


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Friday, February 20, 2009

   Down with the sickness!
hey guess what? im not sick any more! YAY! lol but i do need to get lots more sleep... so i can stay...not sick....:D

i have to get to class right now but i wanted to post something before i left. :)

im feeling in much better spirits about my friend. she's going to come back to school either next year or next quarter, we shall see. and when i go home to babysit on Wed. nights we have movie nights! :) tis tre fun.



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Monday, February 9, 2009

hey hey all,

so im still uber sick and it kinda sucks real bad cuz right now i have a super bad head ache and it hurts to breath through my nose. :( meh. im kinda super stressed out about a lot of things too. like this weekend im super busy. i have babysitting on thurs and then a night class and then friday i have my second midterm and then that night i have to go back and babysit from 8 that night till sat at 4pm. so my valentines day will be spent with some baby's... :/ yay.
and then after that im going to drive up to Chico to visit my friend who goes there. and then im going to spend sunday and part of monday there with her. blegh. im worried about getting worn down. :/ but oh well. i haven't seen my friend in a long time so im excited about that... i just want to be able to actually spend time with her and not fall asleep from exhaustion. meh.

and i have something else that is still weighing down on me that just makes me so sad. my best friend who was going to my college decided to leave. she dropped out of school last week. ahhhhhh. it sucks real bad. i miss her so much! its not nearly as fun being here without her. :( but i called her today and we talked for a little bit so i feel a little better. but i can't really tell her i want her to come back to school cuz then she'll feel bad about leaving me at school. idk, i know im being really selfish but , i just wish she was here to hang out with all the time like she used to be. ugh.

anyways... here, have some pretty DBSK to brighten up the end of this post for you! ;)


this is Xiah! he's my fav! (nevermind the thing at the end... i just got this off youtube! ;)


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Monday, February 2, 2009

Things have definitely calmed down here on the roomie front. i've learned to not try to hard with them and just let them be for the most part. now everything is much more relaxed and friendly and we don't hate each other any more. what a concept right? lol but recently i've noticed a little bit of fighting between my two roomies, and all i can do is sit back and laugh because now that im not there trying to hard to be their friends and im just living my own life, now they are spending more time together and, you know when you spend sooooo much time with one person that you can't help but fight with them? yeah thats kind of whats happening right now. as for me, im just going to stay uninvolved and just let them figure it out, although it does get a little hairy when they one starts yelling at the other, but, whatever. as long as no one hits anyone im fine with their little squabbles. as for me, im getting kinda sick, boo! im mad. i have this cold medication i could take but i don't really want to rely on it. ill just take hella tissues to my classes! yay im the tissue queen. :P

anywho i need to be finishing my japanese home work! memorizing dialogues and kanji! woot woo!


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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ho Hum
So basically when i tried to talk to my roomie the first time she totally blew me off, the second time i told her that i was sorry for what ever i might have said about her, because she had called me out on what i had said. so i acknowledged the fact that i might have said some stuff about her and i apologized for it. So then she says all sacrasticly "yeah im sorry too." but in a really bitchy, im so not, kind of way. >:( grr. so then the next morning,... today, we basically ignored each other and went about our mornings. then i asked her if she wanted to go to breakfast and she said that she was fine so i left her alone. then i finally got up my courage to tell her that i know we both have talked shit about each other and if we both accept that and decide to not do it anymore, then we can both move on and be more adult about the whole situation. that way we can both live together and not feel so much hate and have it be awkward.

the thing that i've really come to terms with is that no matter how much i wanted to be friends with her, our personalities just clashed too much so now i've accepted the fact that we don't have to be friends, just roommates. :)


more DBSK for you!




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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

   hey hey hey!
So basically i hate stupid people, like my roommates... and its funny cuz im writing this with them in the room but they'll never know.

ugh, sometimes i just want to yell at them and make them realize that they are just being stupid catty bitches just for the sake of being stupid catty bitches! ugh i hate it! it just feels so fucking high school! i thought that was the whole point of going to college was to grow the fuck up!

its funny because my 2 roomies are really good friends with each other and me and them are just "nice" to each other... ugh so frustrating. honestly if no one responds to this i don't care cuz it feels good to vent. :)
anywho, i have been kind of swamped with homework and new classes, but its been fun.
oh i have a new obsession. my friend showed me the Korean boy band DBSK, also called TVSQ, but in Korea they're DBSK. they are suuuuper cute! kinda girly, and trust me it was hard to get over the girlieness at first but once you do you see how effing cute they are!!! heres one of my fave songs and music videos!


super cute! and then theres this...


which is just to freaking cute to be real. XD
they did this video for a children's charity or something... regardless, its just adorable!

Best wishes and don't get sick! there's the stomach flu going around! be careful! :)


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