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This is Shinjitsu no Uta (Song of Truth)! I love this song...
Welcome to Tiana's OTHER lair! Muahahaha!!!Oh,anyways...Sign my guestbook if you come by! I'd like to see the people who dare enter the deadly lair that is this! And also so I can sign theirs...o.o

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I really need to visit here more
BUT. That's kind of impossible now because my COMPUTER WENT AND FELL. Well. The computer desk fell, causing an avalanche of everything on that particular desk, including the gay freaking computer! ;_;

... You may be asking how I'm online now...

I'm using a compy from my mom's work. >_> Heh heh... Yeah. But... SUCKFEST. D:

On top of that, I got my rubber bands today and my mouth hurts like... Like a hurty thingy in mah mouf. ;-; MAKE IT STOP. MAKE IT STOOOOP.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

I FINALLY GOT MY PASSWOOORD GUESSED. I couldn't figure it out, so I couldn't... Y'know... Get in... BUT NOW I DID. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Now you guys can like... Talk to me and crap. I never realized I had so many friends on here. Ohsnaps.

I made a new MyOtaku thinger, too, so you can add that, too. It's Ze Great Tea. Also, if you have MySpace, and you get to know me and want to add me... Go ahead. :D But you have to get to know me because if I was friends with you a year ago... Then I pro'lly don't remember you. :D:D:D

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

   Hey Everyone.
Hey guys... Nothing much going on here... 'Cept... MY BIRTHDAY IS ON FRIDAY! MWAH! XD Anyways...
I'm really bored... ;-; If you guys want anyone to talk to,y'know... -hint hint- Feel free to, y'know... >> << -hint hint nudge nudge- My ears are always open.. -hint hint nudge nudge PUSH OFF A CLIFF-

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Friday, September 2, 2005

The Story : Part Four
Disclaimer: NO,I OWN THEM! Kidding. I don't.

The Next Day...Which happens to be Saturday...

Tea: I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT JERK! -tearing down all her pin-ups of InuYasha-
Fate: -shrug- After you left, he pretty much apoligized...And asked for our numbers and stuff... So i gave it to him...
Tea: -flinch- You... -turns around and smiles at Fate- Gave him my phone number? -smiles suddenly drops- WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU?! HE'S A PIG-HEADED,SELFISH DUMB JERK! HOW COULD YOU!?
Fate: He SEEMED like he was sorry,okay?! -phone rings-
Tea: ...-picks up the phone while glaring at Fate- Hello?
Inu: -on the other line- Hey,Tea. -smirk- What's up.
Tea: -glares at phone- What do you want?
Inu: I'm just tellin' you that I'm now attending your school. In all of your classes.
Tea: You...WHAT?!
Inu: That's right. Wanna go out on a date? -thinks: The plan has only begun.-
Fate: -has been listening intently the whole time-
Inu: Well,pick you up at seven. -hangs up-
Tea: -stares at the phone in disbelief- What...Just happened.
Fate: I dunno,you tell me.
Tea: I'm going on a date with the biggest 'tard in the world?!

End Chapter four!

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Story : Part three
Disclaimer: Blah blah blah,I don't own them.

Tea: Can I have all of your autographs?! -holds out piece of paper-
Sango: -smiles- Sure. What's your name?
Tea: Tiana. T-I-A-N-A.
Sango: Here you go. -hands her back the piece of paper-
Fate: -still all on Miroku- WHEE!
Miroku: o.o Help? -hand twitching-
Sango: Don't you dare,pervert.
Tea: -totally ignoring everyone else and goes over to IY- So,can I have your autograph?
Inu: Sure,where d'you want it?
Tea: ...-raises eyebrow- On this piece of paper,duh.
Inu: -tilts head- Well,you're pretty cute,give me a kiss and I'll sign it.
Tea: -eye twitch- ...You...You...PERVERT! No,I will NOT give you a kiss.
Fate: Go Tea! -lets go of Miroku-
Miroku: Phew,I can breath...
Sango: -clenches fist- Not for long...
Miroku: Oh crap. -runs away-
Inu: -eyebrow twitches- -thinks: WTF? No fangirl has EVER said no to a kiss from me!- Who do you think you are?
Tea: Feh, if I'd of known you were such a pig-headed JERK,I wouldn't have asked for your autograph AT ALL. -starts to walk away-
Inu: Don't you walk away from me! -grabs her arm- We're not through here.
Fate: -watching awe-struck- Wow.
Tea: I don't care! Looks like you're fighting a one-sided battle!
-brushes him off and walks off-
Inu: -growling- Oh,this isn't over... Not by a long shot... -thinks: I'm gonna find out where she lives,goes to school and everything...I'm gonna make her love me, and break her precious little heart- -looks over at Fate-
Fate: -blink- Hi?
Inu: Hey,so where do you guys go to school?
Fate: ...Why?
Inu: I find you guys cool...-thinks: Like hell.- I wanna talk more to you guys.
Fate: REALLY?! Wow! -gives him their address,phone number, EVERYTHING-
Inu: -thinks: Heh,Tiana, your life is gonna be a living hell...-


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The Story : Part two
Disclaimer: I dun own them...

Almost time for the concert...

Tea: -comes out in jeans and a long-sleeved black fishnet shirt with a sleeveless blue tank top over it- -smirk- Pretty sweet,ne?
Fate: Totally! -wearing a black mini-skirt with red stitches and a t-shirt that says," SHIKON ROCKS!"-
So,you know you have to drive,right?
Tea: -eyes widen- Wh...Why?! Why can't you drive?
Fate: -points to eyes- I got me some new contacts. Doc said not to drive for a while.
Tea: -glares and sighs- I HATE driving...
Fate: Deal with it,Tea. You'll live.
Tea: HAH,like heck I will...-walks out of house and goes to car-
Fate: -sits in the passenger seat- Y'know, these are vip? What in the seven hells is vip?
Tea: ...Vip? ...You mean... V.I.P.?! Holy crap! And they're front row seats!!
Fate: I love my mom so much...-hits Tiana's shoulder- DRIVE! I wanna see Miroku and his hotness!

At the concert...

Tea: -screaming- This is so AWESOME!
Fate: I KNOW!!

The Band plays,concert's over,Tiana and Dest are backstage-

Totosai: Hello,young ladies...I'm Totosai,Shikon's old fart of a manager... Shikon will be out in a minute...
Tea: Yeah,I never new you would look so old in person...
Fate: -hits Tea- That's rude!
Tea: -shrugs- It's true...
Inu: -comes out of the 'Employees only' room- So,where're the two V.I.P. people?
Tea: -eyes widen- WOW,your InuYasha!
Inu:...Yeah... Thanks for enlightening me.
Fate: -squeeling uncontrollably-
Inu: -points to Fate- Is...She okay?
Tea: -glances at Fate- Yeah,I s'pose.
Miroku and Sango: -comes out-
Tea: Wow,Sango,you're SO awesome in person.
Miroku: What,no compliments for me?
Fate: -hugs Miroku- I LOVE YOU!!
Miroku: Eh heh...
Totosai: You kids have fun now...-leaves-

That was the second chapter!

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I'm gonna make a story...
Well, my friend Destiny (Princessyuki) has made some stories on her site,and they were good (although they had horrific grammer errors). So it inspired me to make a story,too!It's basically an AU InuYasha fic thingy.

Summary: Tiana and Destiny are average girls... Then they get V.I.P. passes to the best rock group in town: Shikon. What happens when two hard-headed, ignorant teens meet?

Disclaimer: I just felt I needed to say that I don't own any InuYasha characters...Or anything like that.

The Story : Part One

Tea: -drawing in her room-
Fate: -bursts in- TEA!
Fate: Well, SORRY! I guess you don't want to come with me to a concert... -waves two tickets under Tea's nose-
Tea: -stares at the tickets- ...-snatches them from Fate's hand- Oh...MY GOD! You...got TICKETS TO SEE SHIKON?!
Fate: Yup! Mom got 'em for me as a birthday present! The show's tonight! Better dress sexy for InuYasha! -points to Tea's pin-up of InuYasha-
Tea: -blush- Shut up,Destiny! Let's just get ready...

I'm not much of the fic writer,but comment and tell me how you like it so far,'kay? 'KAY?!

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