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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back From The Abyss

Long Overdue

I haven't posted on here in a very long time.

Since it's been years between posts, I won't try to actually post an update on things here. I'm more doing this to see if anyone is still on MyOtaku, or if people have either moved to TheO or elsewhere on the net. Anyone who happens to see my update is welcome here, or over on TheO where I'll tend to be more active.

There have been times I've thought about taking this page, accepting it as an archive and not posting here anymore. I'm still not sure about doing that though. I kind of want to keep up my posts here, the reason I stopped was all the tech issues that forced me to borrow a computer to get online. I don't have my blog template on this machine, so I'm kind of winging it today, and hope I get the coding right.

I will be posting an updated contact list here, I just need to collect the links. Google ate my Blogger account which I posted on here some time ago I think. Anyway, I'll have a current list, I'll have new links to other things up here as well, when I get the time and weather permits.

Here's hoping I'm not the only one out here. I'll know by next update if archiving and moving completely to the new O will be better for me.

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