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Monday, February 23, 2009

February Update

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Computer Issues:

Still a problem, doing my best.


The one year anniversary of Version Vibrant's launch is coming up, hard to believe this has been here that long already. More on that another time though. Right now, I'm seeing some new things around here as I pop on and off, some really cool things that will probably do the site some good in the long run.

The member introductions feature is a nice addition, allowing new members to have a place to get their feet wet on the site without falling prey to the old "self promotion" type spamming from days past.

The "Invite a Friend" feature is sure to see good use, hopefully drawing more anime fans and artists to the site through the people who are already here.

Still waiting on the "monster" feature that's been talked about, hope it doesn't turn out to be another over-hyped over-baked cupcake. Time will tell on that one.

The trophy case in the portfolio is probably a feature I could do without. Itís a personal issue, so rather than turning that unproductive energy into something destructive, I wonít say too much about it. When I can offer something productive, thatís when Iíll publicly discuss it.


I have already started the query process to find an agent for my novel's second draft. Right now only time will tell. I can give you some basic stats though. The ending word count was 37,972 words, hopefully it will be enough to interest someone out there who's good at selling manuscripts. This is where I really try to pool my dragon luck and hope for the best.

Theatrical Experience:

In the last month, I was able to catch a performance, part of a local theatre/arts program that fascinated me. Kuniko Yamamoto provided a window into Japanese myth and performance art, it was a great experience, but the local handling of the artist wasnít that great. The venue was too small, the event had blatantly obvious planning issues among other things. That didnít detract from the performance though.

Check your local arts calendars, see if Kuniko is performing near you. Itís a show well worth getting out to see, but get there early, you might have to fight a crowd to get in.


Getting good photos in inclement weather isnít easy. I do have a good one of the trail covered in snow that Iím trying to sell. I wish I had the resources to take video of a whole trip on the trail. Travel Channel it wouldnít be, but the experience of so many different types of weather in one day kind of has to be seen to be believed.

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