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Monday, October 27, 2008

Autumn Comes

Friend Update:

Nothing new on that yet. Still concerned and waiting on info.

Garden Update:

Ah crap I knew I forgot something. I'll have more pics up soon enough.

Project Info:

The Pyrography "How To" is still in the works, but it is coming.

Also, I recently posted a crash course "how-to" on effects make-up bruising over on the sibling site for Halloween this year, and I'm planning to put together a couple more that may not be up in time. Anyway, I have a printable PDF version of that same guide available here if anyone wants to take it on the go.

Promotional Considerations:

Long overdue, but here's the list of stories that were submitted to my Writer's Challenge over on TheO.


Congrats on being here so long. I hit my five year back in August, but I didn't plan anything special this year. Too much other stuff and project backlog to get anything done.

The lizards themselves didn't do anything, they just have the misfortune of being associated with a company that lost my respect. I suppose it happens to a lot of people's favorite things along the way.

I always have my doubts when a TV channel claims low ratings for something. Here in the US with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, those clowns [Censored] and moan about the anime numbers being so low, yet they still show it. That begs the question, if it's doing so poorly in the ratings, why are they still showing it? The only logical answer I have is that the numbers they post and the numbers they actually get from Nielsen are different. Much of my anime experience is owed to the Adult Swim block on CN, so I'd be powerfully annoyed if they did finally decide to drop anime. The crude "adult" comedy crap they also run in that block just doesn't do a thing for me.

Between well stocked convenience stores and Taco Bell, it's bound to be out there somewhere. It may be a matter of crossing into another Pepsi distributor's territory to find it. A lot of the stuff I can't find here is usually associated with the local Pepsi distributor being either too lazy, cheap, or unwilling to carry something. Unfortunately, there's no way outside of getting a job with Pepsi, to figure out what distributors cover what area. Code Red was all right when it first came out, but when Mountain Dew started to get the oily taste to it, Code Red wasn't as good anymore.

Between the quack doctor just covering her butt and the lazy work-ethic of the people in this state, I doubt it's a shortage of people that caused the delay. Something is rotten in the state of WV.

Yeah, the garden could have done better if I'd had the energy to really put into it. It did well though.

I've kept myself sane with some projects lately, nothing to elaborate, but a few little things.

If nothing else, it makes a great Halloween theme.

I don't see SoBe doing that kind of thing. They used to be less about profit and more about quality product, now I'm not so sure. At any rate, they've hurt their image in my eyes for what little that's worth. I used to get a bottle of Dragon every time I was out shopping, it was the only thing that would keep my stress levels in check and taste good doing it. I don't have that, and I'm less lily to go after other of their products if only to avoid becoming attached to another one and have it pulled away from me. Too bad cause SoBe has a really good one for speeding recovery from colds.

I got the joke, as was gong to respond with something about the people here just voting for the prettiest campaign signs, but that would be too viciously cruel, even for me. I have enough bad karma racked up as it is, I don't need to add that much more to it.

Or I could do like people around here do and set up a table beside the road and sell it myself. I don't think I have the yard capacity to do that kind of thing, and the snooty Historic Society would be up in arms about the yard being filled with veggies. I'd probably have the local cops nosing around to be sure I'm not growing pot in amongst the tomatoes too.

It certainly should, that and I've been a bit lazy and not really wanting to do the nuts and bolts of the how-to yet.

Mothman fit my mood at the time, he's good for Halloween (actually he was first sighted in November so he fits the season too), and I already had the theme made up. I have been working on a dragon theme, but haven't really had the energy to dive into that in depth. Green is my color too, so hopefully I'll have lots of green here again.

As successful as the 20 Item Project was, I still feel some sense of failure with the end result. I had hoped to see more of the content actually make it into the writers' portfolios and when that didn't happen, I think in some odd way, that hurt the morale of the whole project. The biggest delay in the next writer's challenge will be removing that whole portfolio dynamic.

Just some plain crushed lime, and 10-10-10 fertilizer, between the two of them, you'll have an okay garden. We picked all the tomatoes last week, and the bell peppers will probably come in this week sometime, so it's pretty well done for the year.

Only time will tell on that whole thing. I was asked by another member of the forum what was up with the new one just the other night. All I could tell him was what I was told by the other admins, something happened with the server. It must have been catastrophic to take this long and still be out of commission.

That's good advice, I'll remember that. Hopefully the work I'm putting into my novel will pay off like the fruits of a well-tended garden.

That's right, never give up the fight.

Glad to hear that, I do try to get by now and then, wish I could get by more often though.

I remember Rain, and Fire, and all those element ones too, my first taste of SoBe was Rain (not half bad for cactus juice). Those drinks got scarce around here when the Big Bear stores closed (Big Bear carried the whole SoBe line), and when SoBe switched them from glass bottles to those aluminum cantle (can bottle) things. They are still around in some parts of the country, but I couldn't tell you exactly where. I know I still see them around here once in a while when I go out of my way to look for them. Yeah, that one is all over the place here, it's okay, but it just doesn't taste the same, there's a bitterness of corporate greed laced into their stuff anymore.

Seemed appropriate for Halloween anyway, hopefully I'll have something dragon up before Christmas.

We lost a couple to this really bizarre splitting thing they like to do, but otherwise, we got a good harvest in.

Hope things are well with you lately.

The Mothman is an odd creature, and cool too.

Tell me about it. And you know, they stopped the correspondence on their end so I guess they just don't want to hear what their customers have to say.

That should be coming soon, probably after Halloween is over.

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