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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Son, Don't Cha Understand Now...

Weather's been nuts again, but I'll have some storm cloud/lightning video, as well as pictures of my cayenne pepper plant's first peppers next time I post.

Novel Update

While I was working on polishing up my manuscript, I got an idea for plot development. The only thing is, if I work this stuff into the story, it'll delay publication by probably a year if I'm lucky. I think it will be better for having this material in there, the story won't be as flat. Still plugging away at it though, I'm too stubborn to give up on this.


Cutting my support for theotaku.com across the web where I haunt, and reducing my activity on the site itself are parts of me actually doing something bigger. Now, just because I'm not saying what all I'm doing, doesn't mean I'm doing nothing, I'm just not foolhardy enough to post the details publicly. I don't want anyone to be able to prepare counter meansures, that would defeat the purpose.


Taken care of off-site.

Very true, inspiration will only carry you so far.

Good luck getting all that stuff done.

If the premium thing is done the right way, not affecting the free users' ability to work with the site in an acceptable manner, then I could get behind it even if I'm not a paid member myself. I'm most concerned about "ads free" being part of that deal. Don't mind paying for no ads, but I do mind when browers and aps which block ads are inhibited from functioning properly.

I'll give that a read if I haven't already.

Talk about a sight for sore eyes, welcome back, I was worried about you. I never forget a good friend, please stop by more often if you can.

I'm glad to see you're all right. I'm doing well, getting some energy back ans will soon be caught up on my overdue art projects (hopefully). Working out a new depth element to the novel, and just being my same old disagreaable (to most people anyway) self. What about you?

The new system can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, but it's easy to get used to and work with. There's a Submission Guideline over on TheO now and it covers the technicals of submissions and stuff, worth a look. From there, submission pages for each category can be found as follows.

I think Fan Words and Quizzes are the most complex ones in terms of submitting stuff. The guidelines I mentioned above the list there cover a lot of details that I'm not familiar with off hand, so I recommend looking at that info.

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