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Monday, June 9, 2008

I Fell Off the World Again

Apologies for the delay, been crazy these last few weeks with bad weather and just plain exhaustion. Will try to get back into a regular pace, we'll see.

My MyOtaku Site Technical

Fixed a coding error that was rendering my page oddly on some computers. Update on how it's looking on other computers would be appreciated.

Personal Web Site Technical

Spent the better part of the night a while back rewriting the code for my personal Web site to give it similar feels across browsers. It's not exactly how I want it to look in either browser, for some reason "standards compliance" means nothing to anyone when it comes to the web so, it's as close as I can get it. It's also not coded up for larger resolution monitors, so anything larger than 1024x768 will probably have some visual artifacts that I can't correct, even though it should render in an acceptable manner. On a positive note I was able to code everything more standards compliant and work tables out of the layout. I can understand why they're not recommended for layout purposes in the new HTML standards and all, but they do have a place in coding. I tell you, I'm impressed by how the page came out in the end, so many mistakes and coding issues went into that.

MyOtaku Technical

If you haven't seen it yet, you haven't commented here in a while, but the comment box is nice and clean now, looks really nice. Desbreko was behind the coding for the new comment boxes here, very well done.


Several people expressed interest in seeing a link to my photo print gallery here. Technically, posting that would be a violation of the new site Terms of Service, because it would be "commercial advertising" of the "not limited to" variety as outlined in the Terms. I had been talking about doing something with my photos for a long time (since at least 2006), that's the reason I mentioned here having some available for sale as prints, I finally got a few online for that purpose. I appreciate the interest in my work, and I don't make it hard to find that information even though it's not here.


Saw Poobah play again, no video this time, I was working on stills. Not sure if I'll put them online anywhere or not. I did get a few good ones.


Got at least four major projects I want to have done this week. Two pyrography, and two dragon pictures that are overdue from last year. Will start immediately after posting this.


Thanks, I did try to make it look good. Had to revert one thing, but that's no big deal.

They're a cool band to see, and help out with loading and unloading. They like the attention too.

I do tend to fluctuate a bit, sometimes I'm not on, sometimes I' on earlier than expected. I do need to add a disclaimer about the weather to that chart though. I forgot to mention that I'm paranoid about the weather and won't have the computer on in thunderstorms.

Tiling is good, that means my code is right. I want it to fill the gaps as much as possible. I'm really horrible at troubleshooting code (you should hear my foul, flame spewing mouth when the code doesn't work right), but maybe the size of your BG, or possibly the screen resolution is part of the adverse tiling effect. That would be the first thing I'd look at if it were me dealing with it.

It would be nice to be able to report comments, if only to help the moderators see patterns in the people who are posting that way. I'd like to say more on the TOS, but to be fair and polite, I'm keeping those comments off the sibling sites here.

I'll update people here on the Print project, so far, not one single thing has sold, but then again, I don't really have a whole lot of exposure yet. I try to keep busy, still got some pyrography to get done, hopefully this week. I hope I have better luck with a publisher or agent or something like that this time around too.

I'm on and offline often, I pop in and out in little bits now and then. I have so much to get done though that I'm just too tired to do it all and it gets put off.

Well, I went just to answer a question, and I got my answer. This dragon just don't have the heart to go into the details yet.

Thanks for pointing that out and for helping me get it corrected.

Having the link is the important thing, the whys and hows of it taking so long to get here, water under the bridge.

I hear that, I've got a mess of stuff to get done. I think I'll really buckle into it this week and see how much I can finish.

I don't think we'll ever know that for sure, but I hope the impact it's more readily remembered for making is a positive one.

If I could afford it, and had the occasion to be, I'd dress up more often than I do. I like being casual, but I kind of like looking nice and neat sometimes too.

Actually, yes I did. That's a positive sign for that connection being made.

Yeah, I think that was partly my coding. Hopefully it looks all right now.

That's a necessary inconvenience. I see that count not displaying and I ask myself "Is it worth stirring up all kinds of trouble just to report that one thing?" To me, it's not, so if you're in the backroom here more often, just be sure to pop over into the inbox once in a while.

I'm always happy to comment where one is needed, and thank you for the luck, I need all of it I can get. I covered why I won't direct link my print gallery here, but I don't make it hard to find.

By default I give people the benefit of three doubts, so Adam is still good on that front, he hasn't used all of his yet, and he gained an extra one with the connection here. With that connection being made, and now the comment box looking nice and clean and much like a comment box, the site here is getting a second wind. Hopefully things will settle in and start to flow again.

That's an easy format to work with, keeps things organized.


Took care of yours off-site.

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of MyOtaku, have some hot Jasmine tea and take a load off. I'm a friendly dragon, I don't bite. I've seen you around TheOtaku and MyOtaku myself. I write and respond from the heart, that's how I've always been, it's how I'll always be. Good to know that kind of thing is appreciated.

Thanks, I think the SoBe Lizard Line Lizards make a neat theme. Thanks for the input, tiling BG means I did the code right. I don't have a widescreen computer to be able to check that kind of thing. I code it up for my resolution which is the 1024x768, and hope for the best in others. If no one tells me there's a problem, I assume it's all right.

Yeah, It's good to see that people are coming back to MyOtaku, the connection solved a key core-level issue that many of us had. I'm grateful to Adam for doing this for us, would have been nice to have it done earlier on, but not knowing the technicals involved, I say getting it at all is a real treat. If comment quality both here and on TheO goes up, that will be a bonus to the connection being made.

Since I can't get a traditional job to save my life, I might as well go abstract and try to pull in some cash with something I know I CAN do well and economically. Would really be nice to see my photos well received.

Well, officially, I just go as a friend of the drummer, but I do help out with the gear as well which I enjoy doing in spite of all the heavy lifting (I'm a part-time Roadie you could say). The video thing kind of started when I took my Canon camera (it's a still image camera with video recording capability) to one performance a while back and recorded a few bits. I was testing the camera's video mode, I wanted to see what it could do and how it worked. I take the camera and will either shoot stills or video at every performance I go see just because I like to do it and the band likes to have their pictures taken too. I do have to point out that the first clip went up without them knowing it, they found out from someone they know stumbling on the video on Google where I host them, then I was asked to try to cover some of their originals when I record video. I need a video camera for that though, I'd get better quality footage that way. They like all the publicity they can get especially the free kind. The drummer, Mike, is a friend of mine so I'm glad to give them the publicity for that alone, but George (bass) and Jim (lead vocals/guitar) are both cool guys as well.

Thanks for coming by, please don't be a stranger.

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