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Monday, May 12, 2008

Tired and Rainy

I'm beginning to like the format of the previous post, let's go with that for now and see how it goes. Been so busy lately, it's hard to keep up with things sometimes.

My Site Technical

If you haven't noticed, I've given the site here an overhaul, took care of all the major things I wanted to get done, and I'm liking how it turned out for now. The post header is trimmed down to give the post more room, I also pulled the button and stamp from the footer linking to my post with contact information in it instead. With the waning activity here, I don't see the need for me to have a button available, but I'll have a new one ready if the time comes when people want to have it again. Text should be viewable against all parts of the BG, and the BG image should be tiling for those people on monitores at higher than 1024x768 resolution. I don't have a high res monitor to test it with, so I can't ensure the results are picture perfect. It does take a second or two to load though, I think that's the CSS code I'm using doing that again. if it becomes a headache, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

I do still have the MyO Support banner to make, I made that a lesser priority for now.

Otaku Sites Technical

Two major steps have unfolded here just last night, there is a link to the new TheO PM system in the backroom here, and our updates here are showing in the TheO backroom as well. The two sites have been reconnected in the ways that members have been asking to have done.

Much gratitude goes out to the staff of the sites for making that possible, and I hope to see those features getting much use and promoting a Renaissance here on MyO.

Also of note, the new TheO Terms of Service have been posted.


I do have a couple photo prints available for sale online now, hopefully I'll see some kind of trickle income from that, especially as I add more photos to the few I have available now. I'm not linking it here right now. I'll probably have it on my personal website soon though.

I'm still working on my novel, hope to have it finished up by the end of the month. Then the courting begins. Getting published is difficult.


Finally got that second Poobah video up and running, kind of funny that it was recorded at the same place the first one was, but on a different night.

You can actually get a better feel for Jim's vocal range in this video. The guys asked me to try to cover more of the bands original stuff, so I try to do that when I can, though I'd like to get an actual video camera to do it right.

Contact Chart

Finally got a table showing my online availabilities put together. I'll link it in my footer when I'm not so busy.


Passive Dissent ran it's course, and while I can't speak for any of the other members who actually took our efforts seriously, I can say that, to me, it was becoming apparent that the efforts were failing, and we were causing unnecessary and out-of-character tensions among some other members of theOtaku which was really something I had hoped to avoid. I would have been resigning from the movement coming off that rest break anyway, even if it had kept on going. I just didn't have it in me to keep up the pace needed for such a thing. It does me a lot of good to see that, even though it appeared otherwise, some of what was said made it to the right place.

I actually have little hope for any license that's distributed through Fathom Events ever seeing a WV theatre, but there's nothing wrong with trying. At least what I can do is give them a charge from being my callous, call-it-like-I-see-it self.

Yeah, for the past few years I've promised people in comments and stuff that I'd post a prom picture of mine, finally got around to getting it up. Honestly, it wasn't really much fun for me, so from my experience, your choice to stand by your friend and not go was probably the better one. Actually, my eyes are open, the flash reflecting off the glasses kind of hides them. I haven't tried to correct that yet, but I will try to see if I can clean it up some. There aren't too many other pictures of me at or ready for Prom though, just a few others in the house, and one a friend took at Prom itself. I think I should have included the key point that I went by myself (gasp, how cliché), so there's no secret significant other I'm hiding. I just forgot to add that to the paragraph when I posted the picture.

The anime is running on TV over here now, and it's at those episodes. I know what you mean the show started ot really strong, but the currently running episodes aren't holding my interest. I've seen bits and pieces of one of the live action movies, but seeing it as it was intended, on the big screen would really be nice. It's nice to do things legit and stay legal, that's why I will at least try to talk some sense into Fathom Events and the local theatre chain.

The original actually looks a lot worse given it's a polaroid photo, and it was one of my early attempts at photo restoration with software (I used Pixia for that one). All in all, it gets the job done. Yeah, you don't miss much not having them, just another pompus waste of resources for the popular crowd to show off.

I'm coming to learn that when that annoyance crops up, it means someone's playing with code in the back-end. I've had it happen to me too, several times. This time was adding comment deletion to stuff, but it's messed up the guestbooks now from what I understand. Basically, expect that issue to crop up again when they work on adding stuff.

Of course it's sad, it is for me too. I put a lot of time and invested a lot in this site here. I can't do nearly as much over on the new site, and that frustrates me, because part of my personality is about expressing myself visually. Moving on is tough to do, but right now, I think it has to be done. I'm sure there will come times when something comes to my attention that needs to be said, and I'll speak my piece about it, otherwise, I'mm go back to blogging the way I have been. there has been some positive come out of thngs though, so I'm in good spirits about MyO right now.

You get around when you can, that's all that matters to me.

In spite of myths and legends saying otherwise, one dragon can't move moutains, even with the help of friends, strong as we are together. All of us who tried did our best, we can't be faulted ending our effort. We have the connection to the sibling site now, which a is a big step for MyOtaku, one that a lot of people wanted to see.

I understand that MyOtaku isn't a priority anymore, but it is nice to see it getting some attention all the same. If you ever need me to stand beside you for anything else, please let me know, I'll do what I can.

You may not have been active there, but you did put a lot of work into saving MyOtaku in your own way, which will always be appreciated.

Yeah, I'm not one to dress up too fancy these days, but once in a while I like to be really formal.

Well, here's how I manage to get new things up and running while working the old ones. I take lots of notes, save them, then, when I have this itch to do something new or different, and the time to burn doing something new, I take out the notes, put the project together and there I go. Maybe you can use that method to work on your project in little bits at a time till it's ready to get underway.

Right now a lot of my stuff is photography oriented over there, but I will be working some drawings in, possibly some pyro and written work too. If you need to, put down your pencil for a while, don't even try to do a piece for a bit, you'll be called to to work soon enough and once you get that call, it'll be like riding a bike.

I'm coming to find that music reaches me deeper as I get older, the loud rock stuff I hear when Poobah plays out, oddly enough, makes me think.

The campaign for change is a double edged sword (I have one of those, I should know), so I understand someone not wanting to get mixed up in things like that. It seems that at least the reverberating echoes of our shouts as they died down did reach the right ears though, that's a big plus for me.

Would be cool to be able to see it, but right now, it don't look good.

I don't remember how much the ticket cost me, I don't think it was nearly that much, but a WV school that's half falling apart at the seams can't get away with that kind of charge for a social event.

Different people have different tastes. Actually, it's a blend of atmosphere, music, and watching the performance that comes together for me.

An odd contradiction to the previous sentiments on loud rock music being relaxing, sometimes louder isn't always better. Something seems to have been effective though, which is all right with me.

Yeah, I'm finding out just how good it is at doing that.

One thing people learn about me, much to their horror sometimes, is that I'm wickedly stubborn. Anything I've really put my heart into is something I'm going to fight fang and claw to protect as best I can, no matter what. If one method doesn't work, I fade into the dark for a while, then, like the 100+ cheesy sequels to a single bad horror film, I show up again and again out of the blue, doing different things to deliver the same message until it gets across to the right person. Right now, Adam has the benefit of the doubt, given the new developments here.

My picture goes back to 1999, so it's been, almost ten years now since my Junior Prom. I didn't really care so much about the event given I took myself and all, I just had to know something that could only be answered by going, so I went.


I've e-mailed the reply to you instead of posting it here, I'll make it easy on anyone who's moved on from MyO like that, if I have their off-O contact info.

My efforts were no longer showing any productivity, and since beating a dead horse doesn't accomplish anything, I've decided to look at other options. I don't have as many hot-button issues to worry about right now anyway since the big one was resolved.

I took myself to my Junior Prom (that's why it's just me in the picture), but even that took me probably a month to get all the prep done and have it scheduled for the right weekend. Two days, was that person mental? Us guys have it easier in the prep department, we can probably squeeze everything into a week if need be, but girls have a lot more prep to take care of and that needs time, one, maybe two months minimum. In all honesty though, I think Prom is more a Senior thing anyway, at least, that's what my Junior Prom felt like to me. Not all that spectacular, and I kind of feel I shouldn't have gone.

Animé Dreams!

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