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Hey everyone! Welcome to the Contests site.
This is a site for showing current contests. It makes it easier for you to find information about contests on theO. It makes it easier for you, as a contest holder, to spread the word and get more entries.

Having a contest and it's not on the list yet? Pm us with the contest information and/or link and we'll add it to the list! Please let us know if there are any changes :3

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Monday, March 31, 2008


Deadline: April 15
About: It's very simple. Whoever draws the best Chibi will win.
Category: Fanart
Held by: Zeldafan1234
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Deadline: April 25
About: Draw your favorite pokemon in an unusual pose or in a creative way. The entries will be judged by originality, detail and neatness.
Category: Fanart
Held by: Turtle Chris
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Deadline: May 20th
About: The main theme is the Contest World. Feature the world in your work, for example by drawing Naruto and an original character hold a banner of the Contests world. You have to clearly feature the Contest world and you must give a link to it in your description ^^ The submission can be any fandom: Fan art, Fan word, Wallpaper, E-card or Fan comics. Two submissions max. All entries will be featured at the contest world and the best three can choose between one dragon art or a line art colored by just.me.
Category: All
Held by: Contests / just.me
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Deadline: No deadline yet ^^
About: Draw your own original Jinchuuriki character or draw your own original Akatsuki character. If you want the Jinchuuriki to have tails, you can pick from 6,7, 8 or 10 tails or more.
Category: Fanart
Held by: Ami the Eldest
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We have a WORLD as well, please take a look ^^ Contests World

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