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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 08/12/06:
Yay! I like this one. ^^

What element are you truly?

You are Light!You are pure and sweet. Your heart shines with love and you could never hurt a fly. You alos tend, however, to be a bit naive. You have a bit of low-self-esteem because you always feel you're not helping enough. Whenever you help, you still feel like you aren't helping enough. Disasters break your heart. Good luck in heaven and don't you ever change! Guys like you because of how innocent you are.Animal:Dove Jewel:Diamond
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Result Posted on 01/17/05:
Lyn, she's pretty. And she is my favorite character in the game. (I played it before)

You are Lyn.
You are Lyn, the young woman raised in the Sacae
plains. You have great asperation, which makes you a very
dedicated person when it comes to a goal or
cause. What makes you unique, when compared to
other leaders with aspiration, however, is your
ability to connect with others on an emotional
level. You have a greater understanding of the
conflicts in their lives and their feelings --
you rule with your heart and soul, living
freely and genuinely trying to make people as
happy as you can. This has won you a lot of
support from those who are closest to you, and
who, for these same reasons, will most likely
remain extremely loyal to you and your cause. You tend to be an introvert. You do not like the
formalities of full-fledged politics, and this
is understandable. You are a free spirit,
seeing much more value in a person's actions,
behaviors towards others, and demeanor than in
their status, title, or rank. This makes you
fair when summing up the character of a greater
or a lower power. You are a great listener, and that makes you an
excellent emotional support. Your mind is too
free to be trapped by doubt -- keep it that
way. You are wonderful as you are.

Which Fire Emblem 7 (GBA) Leader Are You?
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Result Posted on 01/17/05:
It's an Angel Fetuses!

Result Posted on 01/17/05:
It's a Fairy! How cute~

Result Posted on 01/17/05:
It's the Easter Bunny in a jar! ^-^

Result Posted on 01/17/05:
It's so cute!

Result Posted on 01/05/05:
Yay! Colette! ^-^

You are Colette!

Which Tales of Symphonia Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 01/01/05:
Mew Ichigo! My favorite character!

Result Posted on 12/27/04:
Well, I am very shy with some guys, especially when they stare at me. It happened once to me so I ran and hid behind my friend(I didn't even know him)

Guys just love...how shy and sweet you are!

What Do Guys Love About You? (with pics :3)
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Result Posted on 12/27/04:
See? It's the word "Naive" again.


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