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Well...for those of you who know me, which you probably don't, I am Kairi UJMK...I deleted my UJMK account, but one account is more than enough.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My baby Pokemon -^-^-
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Monday, May 11, 2009

   My Little Dragon's
Please help my little ones grow, no baby should ever die

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Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

   Under Construction
I'm gonna try my damn hardest not to let my sorrow get to me, and my Kairi UJMK account held to many painful memories. So I got onto my old account here and deleted my Kairi UJMK account. I will upload most my old comics and fan art again, once I re-scan all of them XP not looking forward to that. Well for now everythings under construction while I make this account my new home. Enjoy Itachi for now....*runs off before Itachi kills me for the pic*
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Friday, May 30, 2008

my Pal made this for me, It's the Only YYH AMV with this remix in full version, CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   No More Posts
Since no one visits anymore I'll leave this chat box for posts.......no more posts from me except for on my Kairi UJMK account

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wow o wow O/////O''' ummm that was some 7 minutes.......
7 Minutes in Heaven ((KingdomHearts Style))
The bottle spun a couple of times, before landing on...(Dun, dun, dun!) ...

Cloud! (Lucky YOU!)

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He grunted as the bottle pointed straight at him and rolled his eyes as he got to feet and walked slowly into the closet and glared back at you, "Are you coming or not?"
You glared up at him and walked slowly into the closet, 'Jerk...'
Cloud slumped to the floor with his arms resting on his knees as soon as the door clicked shut.
"Gonna sit there for 7 minutes?" you asked in a bored tone.
He glared at you and suddenly stood up, pinning you to the wall forcefully, "Maybe"
"Mrrrr," you grumbled something under your breath, struggling against his arms.
Suddenly, he grabbed the back of your head and pressed his lips to your roughly. Your eyes went wide as he ran his fingers through your hair, licking your bottom lip impatiently. Eventually, you parted your lips hesitantly and groaned as he explored your mouth, wrestling with your tongue when he was satisfied that he knew his way around your mouth pretty well. Cloud growled softly and pulled his mouth away, his blue eyes staring into yours before he kissed your neck roughly. You moaned softly as he ran his tongue over your neck and nibbled at a spot at the base of your throat that made you shudder in pleasure. He smirked and grabbed your butt, watching you gasp in surprise.
"C-Cloud! What're you doing?" you stuttered as he smirked, pressing you harder against the wall. Cloud chuckled softly and nibbled gently at the base of your throat, loving the way you moaned his name in confusion.
After a few minutes he released you and walked back to the corner he'd sat in earlier just as the door opened and Ashley motioned for you to leaved, "Out. Now."
Cloud shrugged and walked out of the closet followed by you. You sat down on the couch beside me and Jasmine and stared off into space. After a few minutes I nudged your shoulder and whispered, "I'm pretty sure you didn't go into the closet with that hickey."
You blushed and glared at Cloud who smirked and jerked his head at the door. Confused, you walked out the door and stood outside for a minute until Cloud walked out the door and smiled at you.
'He has such a pretty smile...' you thought happily as he sat on the porch beside you, watching the stars and moon floating overhead for the rest of the night.


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O/////////////////////O'''''''' Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh...........................*Face is overly red* B-But...I mean.....C-Cloud wouldn't....*faints* @_@''''
Seven Minutes in Heaven Kingdom Hearts Edition (girls only!)

You pull out a green peice of paper. You see cloud already getting up and heading for the closet. Of corse you knew you got him, so you followed. Roxas shut the door as soon as you walked in. You feel warm slow breathing on your neck. Cloud was standing right next to emotionless. You look up at him and blush slightly. You always thought Cloud was preety damn smexy and cool. You think this is the most akward moment of your life. " Hey." Cloud says as he turns to you. " If you don't want to do this you won't offend me or anything." " oh no! I want to do this! I mean!" You say turning bright red. He cuts you off with a harsh but wonderful kiss. He pulls you closer to him and begins to deepen it. you wrap your arms around his neck. You two start to get naughty and get naked. The door flings open to revil you guys in your underwear. Everyone in the room's jaw drops staring at you two. You quickly put your clothes back on and walk right out of the closet blushing pure deep red. You sit next to cloud for the rest of the night.
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uhhh since when did me and Cloud have a baby? O///O''' -^-^- Awwww but Cloud's so sweet. Damien, nice name for our baby boy, If we ever had 1 that is.
Final Fantasy VII Babies Daddies! (girls only, long results)

Cloud is the Father!You pull yourself over the ledge, to find Cloud sitting by a sword, laying some flowers in front of it. "Hey, Cloud, I need to talk to you."He stood up, and said, "What's up?"You walk over and grab his hand. "What if I told you that I was pregnant, what would you do?""Well," Cloud started, staring at the sword. "I think I'd probably take care of you, make sure that you were okay, and take you to the classes pregnant women and their husbands have to go to.""Really?" You ask.Cloud nods, "Of course. Am I right to guess that you really are pregnant?"You lean against him, "Yes, you are correct."~~~~~~~~~~~~~You smile as the nurse brought back your blonde haired, blue eyed bundle. The baby was wrapped in a blue blaket, signaling it was a boy. "Oh, he's beautiful." You smile, Cloud smiled too, and clutched the hand you were squeezing during the delivery. A nurse came in and began to wrap that hand. "He's wonderful." You looked at Cloud. "What're we gonna call him?"Cloud pulled out the list of names from his pocket, and you two began to decide on a name. "Damien?" Youasked."Perfect."This is Damien at about ten:
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