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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mele kalikimaka, minna-san!
Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope all of you get good presents and good food, and most of all, good times with family and friends... and did I mention good presents? *grins*

Now, as for me, I gotta find meself some time and think up a new layout! YAY! But I'm off to bed, so not much meat to this post my friends. Jaa!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

School retains its suckage, even this close to the holidays...

Current Time: 12:01 A.M. Current Video Game: Devil May Cry Current Television Program: Adult Swim!

So Kayoubi's doing better, but now there's a bunch of school crap to deal with. Three half days, but at least two of them will be spent in tutorials. Mendokusai naa...

Ah well, ONTO BETTER THINGS! Other than my copy of Guilty Gear X deciding to not work so I'm probably gonna be getting meself Reload... Last night I did some internet shopping and I'm all set with Christmas gifts! All I gotta do is finish my little project for my niece and get myself a set of cards and candy to give to everyone I know. MYES!!!

Alright... exams begin tomorrow. I start in the morning with Physics, followed by a simplistic P.E. Foundations class exam, and after lunch, I am to be rounded up for a slightly-more-dreaded-than-the-Physics-exam English exam, which I know is two essays - a rhetorical analysis and a personal argument. If I get the opportunity, I'll update ya on how things are going tomorrow night, but it's time for me to rest up. Jaa!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Still cold. Just not painfully so. WOO!

Current Time: 1:24 A.M. Current Music: Kingdom Hearts jap OST Current Television Program: Weather Channel! YAY!

And I can't sleep! - -; SUXORS! Well, Friday morning I woke up with a swollen tonsil. It wasn't that bad, but swallowing stuff wasn't the most fun thing in the world to do. By Sunday morning, we had to rush back here to Tyler because I was so goddamn sick I was not holding well with the conciousness thing that living people do. Come to find out, I've got strep... which also caused tonsilitis. So... two major issues, all in one stupid weekend! YAY! And I had no choice but to miss school today, meaning I missed two tests and some final exam reviews... that's right kiddos, final exams this week. And some of my teachers are still giving tests. OH I LOVE THIS STATE!

*coughs* Anywho...

So, the miniature Tetsuo-looking thing in my throat is finally going down tonight, and the pain is no longer completely unbearable every time I need to swallow a miniscule bit of saliva. Not to mention it's no longer so swollen that it keeps sticking to my uvula and sending me into gag reflexes galore. w00tness!

So I've got school stuff I need to worry about. I just have to go back tomorrow... though I'm really not supposed to be well until Thursday. But one must soldier onward! ONWARD!!!

Alright, ranting fun done. I'm gonna try and force myself into sleep, because now I'm angry AND tired. RAWR! *throws sporks at everyone*

... I'm sorry. Here's some Popeye's fude. *gives everyone red beans and rice*

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