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Saturday, June 5, 2004

   Too nervous...
I'm nervous. But, I think I'll do well. It's not that person is scary or nothing it's just. Interviews really gets to me. Anyways, wish me luck everyone.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Well...another day and still I feel I did a good choice of getting that for danny. But, I know is only the gift from the heart that counts. It doesn't matter what it is. As long as we both enjoy our time together. Yesterday, we slept the whole day together it was too cold to go out. So we took a long nap. It's really nice to sleep next to him I feel safe somehow. I know one day we will be living together once we get everything straight out. But, right now is still good.

After we finish taking a nap. We watched Office Space. If anybody knows about that movie. Is kinda a cult movie about working in a office and how much it sucks dealing with employees who are too cliche about the working eviroment. Wich I wish I could experience that cause' I will love to work in a office and have my own space. I know there's some people who aren't cut off of working in a office. But, it's still good to see how people reactions and interactions when it comes in a daily routine of saying "good morning" or "fuck off" to the bosses face. Wich I will never do. Until I crack to my world of shit.

Anyways, it's a good movie I suggest you watched it and see how it feels to be a regular joe of going to work.

Anywho, I came home like about a quater to 12'oclok at midnight. Good thing my dad didn't notice I was gone that long but, what does he need to know. It's just between you and me.

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Sunday, December 7, 2003

   How I met Danny....
How it started..
I know him since he was 16 years old.(Right now he's 22 and I'm 23) I'm actually 1 year older than him. My brother and my boyfriend are good friends. My brother was the one who told me to out with him. So, I did. Cause' I had a huge crush on him ever since I saw him. I was in denial at first but, then I've notice I love him so much that I could marry him one day. Anyways, my friend Ransey was the one who got us together. He told me that "Danny" (my boyfriend)had a big crush on me. I couldn't belive it at first but, in turn out to be true. It was like back and forth conversation between my friend Rainsey trying to come with the conclusion if I liked him (Danny). It took me like about 2 weeks to figure it out. Cause' he would come to visit my brother alot. So, I would usually act all casual so he won't notice I like him. But I did. It was in a sunday that I asked him if he like me. He confess. He was so shy about it. He look too cute. Then we arrange a date. To be on a thursday. Cause' he has a free day on that day. I was counting the days. Until, it hit Thursday. I must of lots alot of weight. Thinking about how it was going to be. But, It turn out to be really special. We kissed, and hug. And he confess that he "Love Me" well, I was the one who told him first but, he said it back. It took me like about 8 months to tell my dad. My dad didn't wanted me to have a boyfriend. He said, I was fine by myself. In that time I was 21. So, you might think I was still living with my parents.BWT I had to sneak out to go out with him. We would go to the movies. The first movie we both saw together was American Pie 2. That was so cool. Anyways, my mom would usually help me out. So, I could see him. She's so great. Now, my dad gets along with him alot. I'm so happy.To get to point is that now we're living together. We have an apartment. Not too big but, is nice and comfortable. Anyways, to go back in the beginning of my journal I was on my mom's house and my love came to calm me down. My mom still keeps my room the same as how I left it. I was visiting her. But, all of sudden I broke down in tears. Anyways, I'm feeling relieve this pms stuff is really hard on me. I think it was that. I heard that women cry one's a month when they have there period. Is too hard for me. I hope I'm making sense on this you guys.

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