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Friday, February 1, 2008

All that studing payed off in the end!

I got my license! Wooooooot! Hehehe,yay!

Well,I have actually been doing pretty good lately,except for school and stuff. >.>

Well,ok,just in the Math department...It's just getting really hard now to understand. Don't get me wrong,I LOVE homeschooling and I love my mom. She is an EXCELLENT teacher. But I am looking forward to having an actual math teacher. Mom and I are having problems with math. :\

But anyways...

I've been writing alot. Probably alot more than I have been drawing in the past couple of weeks. I just haven't had any ideas come into my head lately. Its sad... I think I have drawing block or somthing.

But at least I'm getting alot of my story written!

Its also been raining alot lately...I love the rain.
But if it keeps going on for days and there is alot of it,it kinda gets depressing...:\

*sighs* well...I guess I better go figure out what book i'm gonna read for my next book report. ...I have no clue.... >_<
1.) How are you?
2.) Has it been raining alot where you live?
3.) Do you like the sims 2?
4.) Do you have any ideas of a book I could read?
5.) Whats your faveorite book?

Take care! *hugz*

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Monday, January 28, 2008

   Driving test!
Well...I'm leaving to take my driving test in a few mins! Wish me luck! ^^

Gee,I'm so nervous...I hope I remeber everything.

Well,I'll probably post again later today and get to your sites later today also!

Oh,yeah,I did put some new pics on a few days ago if you haven't looked at them yet. ^^

Ja ne! O-daji ni!

!~Chuugi~! ^^

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Friday, January 25, 2008

   Whoa...Long time,no see?
Wow...i have been gone alot,huh? O.o;;

I'm sorry! >_< But at least I have drawn loads.

Gee...I need to work on that more. Posting I mean. I just forget by the end of the day because I have so much to do. :S

Well,how have you all been? I've been ok. Just studying for the driving test and getting ready for public school next year. I think it will be fun! ^^ I already know people at the school I'm gonig to anyways,so it won't be too bad.

I've also had alot to do in school lately (I homeschool...) I know...You're thinknig "Gee,thats the same excuse you use EVERY time!" Well,its not an excuse. :\ I DO have alot of school to do lately,and its rather hectic.
I promise I'll be getting on alot more often though!

And I definatly will be commenting and your alls art and sites too!

Oh,yeah! I have a myspace. Its www.myspace.com/volcomchick2472

Add me! ^^

Oh,and if you like extreme sports, the X games are on all weekend! It comes on at 9:30 p.m. at Eastern Time on the ESPN channel. You should watch them! I know I am going to...*cheers for Shaun in the snowboarding competitions!*

Oh,and I have uploaded a few pics. Should be on within an hour or so...
1.) Homeschooled or Public?
2.) How do you like your way of schooling?
3.) Its the weekend! YAY!
4.) Sorry,that wasn't really a question? (Had to add a question mark on the end to make that one a question.)
5.) Are you watching the winter X Games?
6.) If so, do you think last night was awesome? I do! I felt sorry for the poor guys who kept flipping their snowmobiles over tho. :\

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