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Hi, I'm Chugoku-jinko!! I LOVE DETECTIVE CONAN/CASE CLOSED, MAGIC KAITO & YAIBA!! I'm either out trying to solve a murder case, Or sitting in front of the computer all day/talking on DC forums, or I'm not on the computer at all, because I'm at school or sleeping! I hope you enjoy my Agency! Make sure you sign my GB and/or add me as a friend!


Namida no Yesterday By Garnet Crow, Detective Conan 20th Opening Song

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm alive again after like... 7-8 months of being dead D= yeah a bunch of things has happened since then. XD i've already started school in my junior year, and i gots a new laptop and mmy birthday is 1 day away! YAY! =D

i'm not sure what to say really XD just that i've been dead all this time! XD i don't think anyone visits me anymore cause i'm so dead! XD

well i hope everyone take cares and god who knows when i'm gonna update again xP

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Monday, January 28, 2008


sorry, i couldn't think up a proper title D=

i'm like updating here like once a month. =/ i keep forgetting about this place >_< i would try to update more. i hope everyone is doing good and starting out the new year in a good way =3

i got Wii for christmas! XD it's totaly fun! x3 i have super mario galaxy. and i'm only at the beginning part of it XD i want pokemon battle revolution and super smash bros. brawl too! x3 i'm like gonna save up $200 so that i can buy a crimson DS and pokemon diamond game! =D

I hope everyone is doing alright! =D take care everyone. if you made a news resolution (i didn't XD;; ) i hope you're able to reach your goals! =D

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

christmas break

OMG! I havne't updated for over a month! XD;;;

i update like once a month >_> <_< at least i update =P i have semester finals but 2 of the 3 days of finals are alerady done, so i only have one day left which is this monday. we're gonna have a christmas party with my school's anime club on monday after the finals are all over! =D YAY! x3

sooo... after that is end of school and the start of my christmas break :3 i don't know what i'm gonna do during break D= maybe stay home, go on the comp, hang out with friends. =p it feels like christmas yet it doesn't feel like christmas too O_o;;; maybe i have no christmas spirit or maybe our fake christmas tree isn't up! XD;;; i want a ipod touch for christmas D= it would be cool to have a iphone, and i'm also a costumer of at&t, but i'm happy with my phone and i rather have a itouch than a iphone =P

well merry christmas everyone and i hope you get what you want for christmas! =D

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