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Friday, February 24, 2006

shall I dig for a subject line?
I'm not mean. I'm not nice either. I'm honest. I try to spare
people's feelings but that doesn't always work. I'm in love with
someone who loves someone who doesn't deserve him. I can't
get just any guy that I want but just about. I think a lot.
I have a lot of dreams and no drive. I'm surounded by people who I
don't think believe in me. I don't like to show when I'm hurt.
I usually get pissed off before I show that I'm hurt because I try to
keep from getting hurt because I get hurt more than I get pissed off.
I hate liking someone when it's not going anywhere.
I never get to see one of my best friends anymore. He's always having to be at rehersal or
he's talking about somebody. Which the last part I guess I don't mind
or I wouldn't if...
I make a lot of mental notes. I can't remember them all.
I get attatched to ppl but as soon as something happens :shrugs: I don't care
it's like I expected it the entire time. I don't trust ppl so I leave
myself open so that I'm not trusting one person more than the other
'cause they're just gonna stab me in the back. I've been molested
I've been almost rapped. I have ppl who still don't care and do stuff
that I'm uncomfortable with.
if I love you I won't say no if it's to your well being. I don't give in to
peer preasure I think it's stupid. I hate hipocrytes or however
you spell the word. I don't like fake ppl.
But then again what's fake? Being nice to your face and then talking
trash when you turn around? having a boob job and acting like you're
better because of it? aren't we all fake in some way? why do we wear
mascara? to make our eyes look like they're more than they are.
Why do we pick out clothes that excentuate our curves? why do we always
make sure that our butt looks rounder in a pair of pants before we get them?
who made us like that? and now who hates it when we do it? guys. they want
a perfect chick. but they don't want to deal with her. they want a freak
but only for one night. I'm sick of guys. I'm sick of ppl not being able
to be themselves. I'm sick of being judged. Why am I the whore when
I'm just a flirt or because my social skills are better than yours?
because I know how to talk to guys. because I can tease and take being teased?
why me when you're the one showing cheekage? when you're the one
trying to strut? :sighs:
I have so much more in my head
but I'll keep it to myself.
Just like always
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