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Friday, February 24, 2006

This is new too..just a lil' about me
Hmm...I guess you wanna know at least a little about me, huh?
I couldn't just explain myself in one paragraph. But I'll try and do
my best. I love being happy and I love making other people happy.
If you really want it and it won't hurt you or me I'll do all I can
to get it for you. I'm a trustworthy person. If you tell me don't tell
anyone that's just how it's gonna be. I've been told I'm headstrong
and feisty...:shrugs: lol never knew all that but as I pay more attention
I really am. I'm not mean although some guys say I am. They don't give me
a chance. They judge me by my cover. There aren't many people who
don't like me. In fact I can count how many people don't like me.
I hate hipocrytes or however you spell the darn word! I don't like fake
people and for that reason I have people who don't like me because I
stand up to them. I'm not scared of very much. I care about less.
I mean don't get me wrong I love God, my family, and friends and will
do anything for them. Do something to me and I just don't have time
for you. That doesn't mean I won't stick up for myself. There's a lot
about me that I don't even know but I'm slowing finding out. I've been
told I was the best friend anyone could ever want. I've been told I
was the sweetest person they'd ever met. I've been told I'm very motherly
lol I love music and dancing and I've had guys tell me that they never
looked at me the same after they've seen me dance lol I found that
quite humerous! raar I hate when life's taken for granted, but yet
I do it. I blush a lot..I kinda just thought about that. >.> <.<
and I look asian when I smile hard lol I've known that! ok but
through all of this I want it to be realized that I'm not white, I'm
not black, I'm me. My race doesn't clasify who I am as a person.
Some may say I "act white" w/e there's no such thing. I'm me and if you
have a problem with me being me I can't help you and franctly I
don't care.

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