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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My b'day was Monday!!! hee I'm 17 now...wow...:sighs: it's pretty scary! I got the chappelle show season 2, lil' wayne, and senseless from Justin, and I got the entire set of Tae Bo from my sister! WEWT! MYRIAM'S GONNA BE LOOKIN' TOO DAMN GOOD!!! and a cell. ABOUT TIME! Ellen made me a b'day cake zay got me some tight sun glasses and laura bought me a necklace earing set..it's pink and highly sexi! I'm back on school again. :bleh: I hada work today and I work the rest of the week. it was interesting today but hey got some more money and that's all that matters. Welp I'm gonna go to flute lessons so I'll catch y'all lata! sorry it's been so long since my last post. just been doin' other things. bye y'all luv ya much!
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