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Monday, November 28, 2005

The voice inside

I know you cry,
I know you hurt,
I know it's hard,
They treat you like dirt.

Don't worry little girl,
One day they'll see,
How much they made you suffer,
Just to be someone you can't stand to be.

Don't cut little girl,
It'll be ok,
Put down the knife,
To God just pray.

I know it burns,
When they accuse you and hit,
When no one believes you,
When you're gone they'll soon regret.

I see it in your eye,
Please baby girl,
Don't cry,
It pains me so,
When you feel you have to lie.

I love you baby girl,
I wish you had love for yourself,
I know what you think about,
Dark in your room all by your lonesome self.

You make me worry,
You make me cry,
I pray everynight,
But know one day you'll die.

It won't be natural,
It won't be an accident,
You'll have full intention,
And it's me who'll suffer.

I'm the other you,
Little girl,
I'm the voice inside,
I'm the reason you're still alive.

I give you feeling,
When you're as cold as stone,
I touch your face and kiss you,
When you're all alone.

I held your hand the last time you tried,
You were in my embrace all that night,
I gave you love as you cried.

I feel there's nothing more I can do,
Isn't there someone that will miss you?
Be sure before you make your move,
Go ahead little girl,
It's all up to you.

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