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Friday, February 18, 2011

three years.........wow
so its been three years since ive been on this site im surprised my account even exists still.so updates lets see in three years ive ,for lack of a better word, dropped out of college as i ran out of funding, ive moved from on side of ohio to the other, ive loved and lost, held three jobs one of which cloed down so that was fun one was in a secondhand store and the current one is at an afterschool program for kids in the local area. Ive gone to four anime conventions i think always a great time and yeah thats about it so if anyone is still on here and reads this feel free to pm me im gonna try to keep posting more frequently so yeah pm email comment anything you want i really need to expand my social circle. thanks and later days.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

its been forever...........
since i have been n and updated. hmmmmm lets see somethings that have happened since i last posted i found out that i was put on academic probation at mty college so now i have to work my tail off to get at least an a- in all four of my classes or i might ot get to go back it all depends on how much improvement i show in my school work. so no pressure.....lol. um ive been doning not much more other then that. so life is back to being boring. im thiking of doing a rave master theme. does anyone actually remember rave master? anyways im also open to ideas if anyone has any.
1)how much time do you spend on average doing random stuff for no reason?
2)any of you out of high school or close to it?
3)whats the oldest anime you remember watching?
4)what is the worst cosplay you have ever seen?
p.s. i got a new puppy my mom wanted a pom so thats what we got.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

it worked
my trigun background is up i know it has the adult swim logo on it but its the best i could find. but anyways long time no post huh so what has everyone been up to? me not much just teaching a little kid drama group at my church and getting ready for college. the college thing is kay but when you got a group of kids that dont do anything when they are in front of people but smile and cross there arms its hard to work with them. sorry but im in a rant mood today.
1. so has anyone finished school for good?
2. what do you do in your free time
3. tube socks or no shows(just a random thing sorry)

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

long time no talk
yea so ive been away for quite awhile but its just cause ive been so busy i mean senior year and senior projects and graduaation and family matters and my church group has done a lot so yea im kinda sad cause i have to leave high school for ever now but happy cause im working at a summer camp again so thats always fun but on. but it also means little myo and myspace. but ill make it through because i get to come home on breaks. so before i go
1.) what are you doing this summer?
2.) how much longer till you are done with school for good?
3.) what is the worst movie you have ever watched?
and with that i bid you adu.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

my o hates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea like i said ive been working really hard on a background and tried to put it on here but it wont let me do it from photobucket so i think it might be to big. but other then that ummmmmm oh yea ive got 8 days left till i turn 18 so thats a plus and my senior project is done and presention is done as well so now i just coast through the rest of the school year.ummmmmmmmmmmmmm other then that my life is good so how has everyone elss been.
new theme what should it be?
how many times have you stopped yourself from saying something stupid?
what else oh yea
do you cry when a movie character dies?

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