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hellooooooooo ppl. welcum 2 my site. i wud lyk 2 make friends wit u all, but how am i s'posed 2 do dat if i dun noe hoo u r? plz sign mah gb, i'll sign urz bak, i promise.hav a look around, dun get 2 scared and look out 4 penguins...u neva noe where dey mite b hiding...oohh hang on! dares one rite here.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

   ges huz bak!?
its me!!! wel duh of course its me *mutters 2 self* so how was evry1s christmas and new year? :O its 2007 alredi!! how scary. now im in yr 10!!! :O :O :O 1 mor yr til VCE, 2 mor til i finish skool!!!!! ARGH!!!!! i h8 dis kinda analysing ish busines. im headin off 2 new zealand in a cupla daiz so this'l prob b an only post in a wile...as alwaiz...sori!!! if u guys hav msn add me, i'l tlk 2 ya then: candy_monster13@hotmail.com sori guys! i'l c how many pplz sites i can get 2
luv yaz!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

   hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!!
sooooooooooooooooooooorrry 4 not being on in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. im so ebil... ^^;; wel, i hav a reason 2 go on 2dai....i hav a story!! i rote it 4 english and my dads been pestering me 2 put it on da internet...so here (some of) it is...tell me wot u think,i'l put up mor if u wana read mor


“Please, Keiran! We only want to help you!”
“I don’t want your help!” I yelled as I slammed the front door. I ran down the steps, nearly tripped over and grabbed my bike. The door opened again and my grandfather, Allan, yelled out, “Don’t come back!” I was already pedaling down the driveway and out the gate.
“Gladly.” I replied. I heard my grandmother, Geraldine, telling off Allan. I shook my head. They were so stupid, how could they think that I cared about them. I headed towards the park, that would calm me down.

After circling the park a couple of times, I had cooled off. I stopped in my favourite place, under a huge old Norfolk pine. I set my bike against the tree and jumped to grab the closest branch. Huffing and puffing I managed to pull myself up onto it. Carefully, I worked my way up the tree. I managed to get reasonably high up and settled in a comfortable spot. The sun was starting to set and it cast a warm yellow-orange glow over the park. From my perch all I could see were trees, seemingly laid out at my feet. I sighed. Everything here was so peaceful it was hard to imagine that only two blocks away was my hell. I broke off a twig and shredded it into tiny pieces. Thinking about those two losers was aggravating me. I had to do something. Dismissing the effort and coordination it had taken me to get up the tree, I slowing climbed down. When I reached the bottom, I swung onto my bike and patted the tree goodbye. I pedaled out of the park and head downtown, towards the agency.

I crashed my bike into the agency door. Panting, I fumbled with the handle desperately trying to open it. It wasn’t opening. “Come on!” I leaned against the door trying to get a better look at the handle. Abruptly, the door opened and I fell in, my bike landing on top of me. I sat there groaning, trying to sit up and lift the bike off me at the same time. This proved too difficult for me and I collapsed again. Our secretary, Clive came out from behind his desk to see why I was making so much noise.
“Keiran, what on earth are you doing?” Clive asked in his Pommy accent.
“Trying to get through the door.” I muttered still attempting to get up. Clive came over and lifted my bike off me. Finally, I was free! I jumped up, nearly tripped over my bike and slammed the door shut. I breathed a sign of relief.
“What’s got into you?” asked Clive, handing me back my bike.
“Grandparents” I told him.
Clive sighed. “What happened this time?” I had a reputation for getting into fights with my ‘guardians’. I shrugged. “Big screaming contest. I rode off, came over here, saw them in the car looking for me.”
Clive nodded knowingly and clapped me on the shoulder.
“That’s alright, Rusty was looking for you. He’s got a case he thinks you might like.”
I perked up at that. Rusty has got to be the coolest 27 year old ever. He’s so incredibly immature, I’ve got no idea how he managed to become head detective, but I’m glad he did.
“Where’s he now?” I asked enthusiastically.
“You go to your office. I’ll give him a call.” Clive replied sitting back at his desk. I gave a slight groan; I’d have to go up two flights of stairs lugging my bike. Better get started...

wel i hope i havnt bored u outa ur brains, tel me if u lykd it n all of dat stuf. im off 2 go c u guys.


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Monday, August 28, 2006

   hey guys
a lil les hapi den wen i last posted but hopefuly i'l lyv 2 post agen. i dun reli feel lyk explainin but lets jus say on fridai i was in a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel bad st8.

uh yeah sori 4 da huge break btween posts ^^;;; i jus neva seem 2 b on da computa nemor its queer. i used 2 b on all da tym but now im jus.. not...lol sowi ^^;;;

wel i hope u guys r all gud n i'l get round 2 c u as soon as i can!


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

look, i remembaed 2 post!!! r u proud of me *puffs out cheeks* hehe. neeeeeeewai....
thanx 4 all da movi suggestions i'l chek em all out. i saw da trailer thingy 4 princes monokoke....howeva u spell it n it lookd kooliesnes

now i hav concluded dat u dont all h8 me i may go so far as 2 tell about my personal lyf *looks suspiciously 4m 1 syd 2 da utha*. hehehehe in music we hav 2 ryt a composition 4 ur music group and 4 howeva many ppl u hav in your group u hav 2 ryt dat many parts. and so we hav a piano (me! ^^), guitar, viola and vocals n 2dai in music we worked out sum of da guitar and lyrics ^^ it sounds rlei reli reli reli kool n im gona ask tarryn (da guitarist) 2 teach me da guitar bit so i can b special and sing and play an ORIGINAL song *nods vigourously* hehehe. ooooooo i can play and sing "tym of ur lyf" at da same tym!!! im so proud of myself ^^ hehehe

wel dats bout all i can think of so i shall c all of u guys!!


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Friday, August 11, 2006

   hi guys
im soooo sori i havnt bn on in ages. but i wil try 2 get on mor often. i wont tlk much,, but duz ne1 noe ne reli reli reli reli kool anime movies dat r reeeeeeeli random coz lyk last week i (finaly) watchd howls moving castle and i LUVD it, its such a kool movi ^^ so yeah if ne1 noes ne movies lyk it id wana watch em ^^.

im off 2 c u, plz dun b mad at me 4 bein awai so long ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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