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kingdom hearts
hello i like ff7!i like rnb , hip hop ,rap,and rock music!im make plushies and i live in england . i like lotsa ANIME! i really like ff7 and kingdom hearts! errr...i draw alot and i also make plushies!!!
i like the band N*E*R*D. destiny's child, red hot chillipeppers, artic monkeys, linkin park and more... i love to draw and a draw alot
...i like naruto and lots of anime! i love final fantasy series but mainly 7, 8 and kh!

more stuff like fave charcter:

ff7: cloud(duh), aries red x!
ff7AC: cloud(duh again) ,tifa
and vincent!
naruto: kakashi!!!!
cardcaptors: sakura, madison
kero and yuai
digimo: Matt!
one piece: luffy and roger
kingdom hearts: sora and roxas
ff8: squall or leon!

yes i now do requests just pm me! i dont do anything thats not for all ages!

Friday, February 15, 2008

late return...........
after a really long time im back on the otaku! ill try to post more art when i get the time.. now i like bleach a lot so probably moe bleach fanart!hehe! neway happy new yea and its the year of the rat! woooh!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1. first sorry i couldn't get back to you all coz i went on holiday! to the english countryside the peak district! really quiet different to city life! loved my holiday!
2. next i want to thank all the people who looked at my art , voted and faved ! thank you sooooo much. soorrry i can't get back becos its alot to get back to but i may try! i never expected that much attention!!

3. yes finally my tablet works and ill try digital art more now!it really does make a difference to your art skills on the computer!plus i have sum more art to show especially sasuke art!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

thank you for all votes and comments! sorry i dont think i can reply to all comments like i used too becoz its alot of hard work so ill say thanks right now! i have done too much naruto art so im gonna try and do different anime and stuff. been away for a while but right now im working on a naruto manga which ill post up! its a fanmanga with no original characters and it has kakashi in it! trying cg now! i got my first ablet but cant use it right now....>
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