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Friday, February 8, 2008

   Happy Valentine's Day y'all....
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i post numbers of Valentine e-card,,
hope u like it... ^^


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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wanted On Suspicion Of Vampirism,, LOL

Appearance : a tall, old man, clean shaven except for a long, white mustache
Complexion : pallid
Nose : aquiline, thin, high bridged, with peculiarly arched nostrils
Chin : broad and strong
Hair : abundant and white; thin around the temples
Eyebrows : white and very bushy, almost meeting over his nose
Ears : extremely pointed
Mouth : cruel, with protruding, sharp, white teeth and very red lips
Hands : broad, with squat fingers, the fourth longer than the middle; ice-cold to the touch
Breath : offensive odor
Strength : superhuman
Clothing : black
Behavior : courtly and charming
Speech : excellent English, though with a strong accent
Born : fifteenth century
Died : late nineteenth century

If this suspect is sighted in your neighborhood, notify your local horror fan club IMMEDIALTELY!

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