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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fingers vs Cars round 10

So, itís about 9am and Iím going to write a Livejournal entry. This is itself is pretty rare because usually I just donít feel like writing them.

Things that have happened to me:
1) My laptop power cord has joined the valley of junk and now doesnít work at all.
2) I bought a DS (Iím looking for a buddy to play animal crossing with)
3) I slamed my hand in a car door ( not on purpose) .
4) I broke my little pink (slaming ones hand a car door does that)
5) The weekend, this weekend, the weekend I had planed to rest in, I have to drive an hour to my grandmotherís house to fix her computer because she broke it. Itís dead. I donít know what happened.
6) I just wanted to not doing anything for a while.
7) Iím sad.
8) My finger hurts.
9) I like pie
10) Lemon Demon is cool.

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