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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Yay! Serenity Art! Yep, I did this little baby. I know not that great and I should have had more body for it but I couldnít fix it!!!!

Iím going to work on this picture more so that I can make an effective background out of it. I hope.

Lets seeÖ. Nothing else really just boring stuff.

This season of anime is looking pretty good.
Here is my list of things that look promising:
XXXholic, itís just great. Iíll talk about it more next time
Black Lagoon, I was shocked when I saw this one the quality is far beyond what I expected from anything this season. (story later or you can look it up)
Air Gear, This is about high tech rollerblades its great.
Nana, Is interesting but Iím not really sure about it yet.

These are the ones that I really found to be the most fun to watch.

Iíll go in depth about them tomorrow or the day after!

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