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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Okay, okay so exams are finally finished I can relax yay. They were pretty hard well English anyway don't think I did to well. But a new sememster begins it's actually pretty boring and a lot harder than my first. Business (Very Dull)MAth(I'm in a very faraway portable and it gets cold walking there brr)Science, there are so many rumors that go on with the teacher I have especially since her name is Miss. Raper Anita Raper. I feel bad but she kinda adds to the drama by having her cats testicals put in a jar and mabimg them timsbits. Her cat was named Tim lol. But she's a pretty nice teacher Than theres geogrphy which is pretty boring but I have better people in thse classes more talkative. First couple days of school are always dead silent cause no one knows each other haha. Well I hope I can do good this sem. I also got this new manga over the weekend "Absolute Boyfriend" I seriously love it you should all check it out if you love a little romance comedy can't wait to get the next volumes.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

HAPPY LATE NEW YEARS!! Sorrry for not being here! By the way from my last post no that Jack Sparrow thing wasn't real be quite scary if it was!

I was watching this strange thing on TV it was this other form of surgery except t was for people who didn't have full thick long eyelashes. So they would take the hair from your head and sew it on your eye lid freaked me out a bit. I could never go through that pain, I'm a chicken Hehe. Well byes byes now and thanks for all visiting!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hey everyone I had a nice happy Christmas, a nice Boxing Day too! One of my favourite gifts I got was Edward Scissor Hands the movie. Itís an old film but itís such a classic. My friend gave it to me and sheís in love with Johnny Depp. I also got the newest DDR game so that was really fun! ^^ Random clothes too.
The party was okay, pretty fun. It was weird though we had about 20 people there yet we held the party at my grandmaís semi-detached house. So we didnít really have much space for people to sit around. There were a lot of empty rooms though because they had just moved in so that was good. I really dislike my cousin though heís the kind of person that really enjoys annoying the heck out of you. Say if youíre playing a video game that you have never played before and heís never played before the whole game heís telling you how much you suck even though heís a lot worse. He always has to add in his own snide comments, but enough about him.
Oo I have to show you the funniest thing since we were sort of talking about Johnny Depp, hehe you may get disturbed.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas eveyone or any other holiday that you might be celebrating!! It's really 12 am right now, I remember I'd open my Christmas presents at this time but my mom wouldn't like this because she would want me to wait. SO after she went to bed I would sneak downstairs and open them, then after that was done I would re-wrap them so it looked like I hadn't even touched them. I was an amazing skilled wrapper so she never knew hehe.

I'll be going to a christmas party with my family, it should be fun, but that means I'm stuck in the house cooking and baking and argghhh. Hehe well happy holidays again **HUGS**
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Sunday, December 24, 2006

You know what sucks this year, we won't be having our Christmas tree put up, because we gave our's away to my grandma and grandpa, I love decorating the tree, lots of fun. Christmas is almost here!!! My frind will be leaving today for Buffalo so I won't be able see her so that sucks much. I do have good news though I'm starting to fell better thanks to all your kindness hehe, there are some advantages to being sick though and that is having my parents help me around and make sure I'm not doing a lot of work. Hehe!
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Even more cards!

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hey! Yesterday I got some early Christmas presents Yay! Oh my gosh, yes Iím finally on holidays WHOOP!! Iím so happy I really need the extra sleep, also because I have a bad habit of being able to sleep all day and stay up all night. Yesterday was a really pointless day of school though, I walked by this classroom that had no students, the teacher looked lonely haha. But yea we played charades in English and were doing cartwheels and flips in Religion. People were also showing off their weird talents. Then after that we dared some girl to lick the chalkboard. It was really disgusting because the boards at our school never get washed so it was filled with dust. But it didnít seem to really bother her haha. My cold isnít getting better but thanks for all your concerns my friends think I sound dead because my throat is so sore.
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More Cards YAY!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hey everyone, and yep this is really me I know I havne't been on in the longest time, and it really is my fault, NO EXCUSES! So I promise I won't be going anywhere for a while now so in return tell me anything I missed. I also made a new layout hope you like!!

Well I've been going to school the regular and yay it's almost Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas though. Maybe it's the fact that there is no snow on the ground, it'll be a green christmas again this year. Good news though I finished all my Christmas shopping! Bad news is I'm stuck with this cold. Well I'll talk to you all later ^_^

YAY a card!!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Iím just about to go to school Boo! I also didnít tell you this but Iím hoping to be on the swim team at school. Not sure if I made it yet but all I can do is hope. At first I wasnít sure if I was going to do it. Everyone said it was really hard and said practices would be held in the morning at like Five am before school, and if you didnít know already I suck at waking up early in the morning. But I decided to go! And guess what? Practices are 3-4 not am thankfully, not like they would ever be that early, and to hit the water that time too. Wahh!

Is it just me or has this week gone by really fast feels like
yesterday was Monday. But itís a good thing, canít wait till Friday!! I also never get homework from my teachers because my first
semester classes are pretty easy. I have Religion, English, Art, and French. French gets kind of boring because we do the same thing with working in our notebook and because the unit is review, verbs and adjectives we usually finish everything with half an hour left to spare, so by the end weĎre all talking. But when second semester comes around Iíll be rushing around a lot with so much homework, and I might not be able to go on my otaku a lot so I must post a lot!

Question- Do you sleep on your side back or front??

A: I sleep on my side and back. One though time I rolled off my bed it hurt, T_T but woke me up.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey well Iím getting used to high school, now that Iím in my second week
so I should be fine. One of my French teachers is really boring though
and because sheís my last class of the day Iím usually half asleep. One
of the boys actually fell asleep though which was funny.

On other news I get picked to go see this Shakespearian play a couple
weeks from now twelfth night. I hadnít realized this before because
I never know the movie ďSheís the ManĒ was related to it at all. Most
of the characters names are familiar too.

Monica who at first wasnít a fan of any of the FF games is now
intending she would love to see Vincent Valentine in a Speedo. Sheís
quite a weird one.

Question: Whatís your one favourite anime that youíve ever watched?

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Monday, September 4, 2006

Ahh I'm so mad. School starts tomorrow. Can't believe it,summer went by too quick. I probably won't be able to get up tommorow. I've been told that if the alarm cllock is like blaring beside my ear I'll still be peacefully sleeping. So I'm a little tired, plus in elementary school I was always the late one, I 'd wake up at like eleven and start rushing like mad.

Oh did you also hear the news about the crocodile hunter. You know the famous aussie one. Turns out he died. So sad his accent always made me laugh.

A couple weeks ago I was watching this program on twins. They talked about this one man who looked pregnant the doctors thought it was a tomour so the had to do surgery to take it out turns out it was his own twin inside of him. But noo it didn't come out looking like a nice healthy baby with rosy cheeks it had like no head bones in random places long nails, it looked like one of those finalfantasy monsters to put it short. Scary.

Question: How tall are you?
I'm 5'5 I'd love to be 5'8 or 9 but i don't believe that'll happen I'm chinese and have quite a lot of short people in my family wahhh!
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Pluto no more...

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