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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey so......
Hey guys!
Haha I've missed you. Sorry for the long disappearence. School is so time consuming. However, having not updated for awhile means that I'll have more exciting posts about everything you've missed ;). Haha hrmm I;ll start with the most recent thing I can remember. Hrm... let's see, ahh I went to Washington for an American history trip it was really great. Loved the shopping teehee but sadly I didn't have lots of time. But I did manage to buy a few shirts and shorts. I also wasted my money buying the necessities I should have packed. I started packing for a 5 day trip the morning of haha (Not a smart idea). But still it was an amazing trip went to see the capital, and white house!! Oo and about the white house after uploading the pictures to my computer I swear you can see the obama family but only if you zoom in real real closee :P. And another highlight of my trip was probably this restaurant that I forget the name of. It was Mexican and I bought some tacos from there best food I've had in a long time don't tell my mom ;) Anyways that's all for now sleeeeepy *yawn* good night ya'll

It had pork of some kind, cheeeeese, tomatoes, letuce. I'm drooling haha I wish i could have one right now.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey so......
Surprisingly I had a good weekend. I finished my homework early and got started on writing my essay. Whoo, this is very good news for someone like me who loves to leave everything to the last minute. Yesterday, I also got a haircut. I'm really happy with it I usually don't like the haircuts I get from my hairdresser too much, but I think the trick was that this time I showed him a picture. So he knew exactly what I wanted! It's not too much of a drastic change like yours AngelZakuro haha but its different to me so I like it. It's a blunt fringe, Kate Moss ish looking haha. But other than that I really didn't do too much over the weekend.
Anyways, this was just a quick drop in to say hi, I hope all you can have a great day :)

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey so......
After a couple days of nice pretty weather like "Oh man I can do without this extra layer" the weather turned so bad! Walking home today was so hard. It was really windy and cold and by the time I got home I could not feel my cheeks. Ahhh Funny though because as soon as I came home I ate ice cream. Haha I think it says better in winter. It's in season haha.

But on another note I am doing good. My brother is sick with something and I'm super afraid to catch it. He sounds like he's dying and I don't want that to happen to me. Whenever someone close to me gets a cold I try to avoid them as much as possible. I'm so bad when I 'm sick. I hate talking, the inability to breathe through my nose properly EVERYTHING! But besides that today wasn't tooo bad a day of school. I got to cut english and instead watch a really funny play. It's quite sad that I forgot the name but it was quite humourous. I'd be a horrible actress. If the audience started to laugh I would burst out laughing too or just smile really big even though its supposed to be an intense moment. So I definately applaud th actors and actresses that were in it.

Goodnight now. I should be sleeping 1:22am!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey so......
Ahh sorry I've been kind of neglecting MyOtaku. I've been super busy and overwhelmed with school. Yup that's right, and it's only been week one! This semester is so much worse than my last one. So bad I've just felt like crying. My friends think I always appear sad now too. My math teacher isn't the greatest so I feel like I'm already going to be struggling in that class. English is good but there are sooo many assignment I'm so overwhelmed. I hope I have time for it. I already have an essay that's going to be due in around two weeks. I have to write a personal essay on one of the seven deadly sins and how it relates to me. I'm stuck on ideas, I'm thinking greed just because at times I can have desires for material possessions :P. But anyways. I've just been bombarded with school assignments so it's kinda hectic. I also need to find a dress for a school formal dance that were having but I haven't had the time to go shopping. I could probably wear an old one, but I don't want to. I guess that's another example of my greed right there. Oo

Also I just had my braces tightened. Hahaha yes I have braces! I have to wear them for two and a half years, which just seems like forever. I believe I got them on February 4th of last year so its been a little over a year right now. Also, after my braces are gone, something might get messed up with my jaw so there is a really small chance I might have some sort of jaw surgery. Sounds super scary! Don't want to worry about that now though. But anyways my teeth are still a bit sore from the tightening, not too bad now though haha just had some yummy ice cream!

Anyways I'll try and update at least once a week, and promise to check up on all your sites.

Also thanks to everyone who checked out my artwork and if you havent go do it now!! Haha pleeease.

Bye Now!

Question: What's your seven deadly sin? And how do you display it?



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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hey so......
It's really weird to see that I'm not the only thing that has changed. Theotaku is completely different from what I rememberd. Kinda confusing but I'm getting used to it!

Err anyways its the weekend yay! I have work though, which isnt a bad thing except that its from 12-4 with is a good shift because its busy, but bad because it cuts into my FUN time haha. Oh by the way i work now! Haha that's definately something that changed since the last time you heard of me. I work in clothing! It's still my first job too, haha I remember I was so happy when I got the job, YAY for a source of income! My income kind of sucks at the moment though just because since getting a new manager, the amount of hours Im getting to work each week is getting smaller. So I end up working only one day a week for like 4.5 hours which means not a lot of money lol. There was one occasion too where I came in but got to leave early because it was so dead (snow storm that day) so I got payed like less than $20 that week.

Also on another note I added some stuff to my portfolio! Got a little excited and posted up 3 things some old and new. I'd super appreciate if you commented on any of them! I warn you though the quality's a little wacko just because I don't have a scanner and instead have to take a picture of it then brighten up the image. I had fun editing the "You can Suck My Blood" picture, giving it a red tinge. Don't get confufused though because I decided not to post that one up. I'll post it here though just in case your interested. Thanks and take care!


Yay Zero!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey so......
Wow I really havent come here in so long. It's literally been like years. Some of it is really embarassing going back and reading some of the things I wrote. Heh makes me feel all grown up. I guess I've changed quite a bit. I also noticed that after i stopped blogging here I stopped watching anime. Although I never lost interest, I just never had the time. One of the big reasons I came to visit is beause of the huge amount of time I have. I just finished exams so I have a week off well less than a week now, I go back monday. it'll be the beginning of my second semester. Oh dear like the first day of school all over again. My classes are math, american history, religion, and english. I'm really dreading math the most, my friend just previously had this teacher and found him really hard. I'm really scared because math is definately not my strong point and my friend got like a 70ish in that class. This wouldnt be too bad except for the fact that she is usually a 90 student in math. Hope that doesnt mean I'll drop to like 50. Ahh can't think about that anymore, on a good note I am super excited for american history always loved history and as a plus there will be a trip to Washington! I am super excited we'll have a whole day dedicated to shopping too. I believe I'll be going in May but it's something to look forward too haha. Religion might be interesting this year just because it's world religions, and english is english. Maybe my english will improve if I continue to write here haha. How great would that be?

Anyways I should be in bed now, i have a messed up sleeping pattern as it is. I stay up late, take a nap during the day and repeat. Although today I needed a nap only because the night before I was tossing and turning and woke up feeling like a car had run over me. This is because we had been hit by a lot of snow, or enough snow for a snow day! Oh man but you know what sucks I didnt have to go to school that day anyways. I seriously believe the school board puts snow days on completely unecessary days purposely. This has happened twice now already. Grr but anyways going back on topic, because I was home alone I needed to shovel the driveway just so my dad could get the car on the driveway without gettting stuck. I was so proud of myself too because I was able to do it all by myself. However, now my muscles are sore all over. I could barely move today. My back is aching and my left arm felt dislocated, haha I tried not to use it today.
*looks at time*

Ahh okay I should end this now before I put you all to sleep. I'll probably comment you guys before sleeping I owe you. I'll try super hard to come back tomorrow too. I really enjoyed coming back :)


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oo MyO is back online last time I checked it wasnt working so YAY

And yes Happy Halloween! ^^ Well this going to be a pretty short post hehe I feel kinda sad and I don't really know why, so I don't really want to depress you guys by talking about how I feel. So anyways talk to you all later!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hey so......
I am really hungry right now, both my parents went away for a wedding so my brother and I are stuck here. Darn. But at least my grandparents are here to feed me haha, although were slowy running out of our food supply. I should learn how to cook, I remember when I was little I was so afraid to use the stove and anything dangerous, I like half cried when my brother would use a small knife cause I thought he would hurt himself. But yes having my grandparents here does have its disadvantages like no one can drive me places which sucks, I have to walk everywhere which can be tiring especially when it's hot blahh. And while I am here working my butt off with school, they're probably like relaxing and doing nothing. But no worries its kind of nice to have some time away from them,my mother is so overprotective it's like Ahhh

You know what makes me happy the fact that all my favourite shows are coming back on TV. Have any of you ever heard of the show "Aliens in America" it's pretty funny, it's about this kid who has no friends so his mother imports a person to be his friend fro another country. It's hilarious you should watch it it's very good. It's new too so you don't need to catch up on much. I haven't watched a lot of anime in a while, I think it's cause I don't know what to watch, my TV has like nothing on it and I can' find a series that I can really stick to. Bye bye for now, see you probably thought you would only hear from me once and then never come back on again but I'm getting better!! Hehe
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Sunday, September 30, 2007

This is going to be very very tiny post, just because I'm trying to distract myself from my English homework not good. But I haven't been in my account so long that everyone probably deleted me off their friend's list boo.. But that's okay I miss myotaku it's fun so bye bye for now.

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Wow School has been taking over my life! Well hopefully not today, it's midnight right now and I'm hoping that there's a snowday tomorrow, although it doesn't really look like it. If only it magically started to snow really hard now. Grrr. Well I've finished all my homework which makes me happy!!

QUESTION-Have you ever read the manga "Nana", watched the anime or movie?? (I love it!!)

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