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Hello there everyo and thnks for visiting my site. I used to havea really old account on here but i got over obsessed with gaia so i sort of qit but now i'm back and i wanna make new friends here if anyone has a gaia add me i'm komako-chan!
I'm a total otaku who sometimes cosplays at my school. some of my favorite animes are the following Air tv, kanon, lucky star, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, bleach, revolutionary girl utena, ouran high school host club, wallflower, and many more! I like entai there's nothing wrong with that i'm just a very odd and strange girl. :)
my favorite singers and bands are Gackt, Hyde, T.M. revolution, ayumi hamasaki, L'arc-en-ciel, miyavi, and antic cafe.
uhh that's all i guess ^_^

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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