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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   ~~My Weekend~~
i had a verrrry wonderful weekend! i went to my 1st anime convention, which was abaolutely AWESOME x1,000!!!! :D
i didnt cosplay, but next year i plan on it, and i took many pics, but i'm too lazy to load them up rite now because it takes along time... *feels pathetic cuz i still have dial up*
the convention was like a like an anime filled bliss of joy which i want to enjoy AGAIN AND AGain AND agAIN!!!
~have u been to an anime con?
i saw cosplay chess: good vs. evil! & i saw most of a musical... but i had to go before the end came!
~the con lasted the whole weekend but i was only able to go on saturday! but saturday was stilll great & next year i plan on goin the whole weekend, which will be so much better and i plan on cosplaying too!
hope all of ur weekends were lovely! how were they?

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

~its my bday!
u guys r awesome! <3

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

   *feels bad*
i dont get up here much and i feel bad for it! i've been gettting caught up in other sites, and i havent really had time for theotaku, so yes i just wanted to say sorry for that! i really used to love the otaku! *feels dramatic*
well i'm to still get up here, even if its not much!
well i get on www.gaiaonline.com alot, i'm whiteroses1705 up their, add me! <3

well i hope everyone is doin great! i'm doin ok, not awesome, my bday is next week! WOOT! i'm having a sleep over thing this weekend! <3

well adios for now!

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