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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

   oh dear
oh my, it's been quite a while hasn't it?

*sigh* to think....i used to be so excited to post every freakin day.....

and now....?
(speaking of business, i STILL haven't written mrs. lambert a letter ^^;)

well, either i've gotten busy, my brain has exploded, or i've been forgetting.

or extremely distracted by the rp's in my guilds on gaia. which btw, i'm vice captain in a new pokemon one =D

and i'm being considered to be a crew member in this really awesome pokemon guild :D

plus, me and hahli were the only ones that won yesterday at the tennis matches! :D

more happy news, ace and i are getting along quite well =D
sure, he had a slight emo moment where i thought he hated me, or he thought i was going to break up with him....

but thanks to me, we've resolved the whole thing without worry =D

love you ace! >w<

and if he doesn't read this.....
guess what i'm getting him for valentines day?

a pixie!

yeah. shut up.

those navi-demons are expensive. besides, he wants one for his dream avi =3

it's the least i can do....he's given me so much...

i even offered him my angelbow, which he kept for a while....

but then gave it back to me because he knew i wanted it a lot! ;w; and he made his falcon work =3

so yes...i'm getting him a pixie. if anyone buys my hermes moon (3rd gen, 91k, reeeeeeal cheap!) i'll buy him the pixie, then get me and pikachu an orindae! =D hopefully....

at least get her one.......

anywho, more awesome characters in brawl~~~ but this post is long enough.

if you're THAT curious, go visit serebii.net or smash dojo.

that's all i have....and sadly, i'm on the bcis compy.....but do not fear, i will be back!

(and also, sorry for not checking anyone's myo in a while....and can't today since internet explorer is super gay T.T sorry, friends...)

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