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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OMG ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yesterday i had the best monday ever recorded in the history of all school!!!

first, we pretty much only reviewed all day.

second, we only had to do a little bit in tennis.

third, I GOT A 100 ON MY PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!
since it's two test grades, those 100's brought my 91 in english all the way up to a 98!!!!!

fourth, i came home to find.......

an imperial queen and TWO majestic kings (chess items on gaia) waiting for me, donated by a member of the pokemon guild i'm in, and i also found my gift of the goddess in a pretty box from ace :D

and speaking of gaia, new items come out! im kinda scared.....yet curious OwO;;

um....fifthly of yesterday, ace actually admitted i was pretty.

he honestly meant it.

am i the luckiest girl in the world yet? :3

lappy kinda spazzed, it couldn't locate the router.......but i restarted, then rebooted since it wasn't loading right.....

but thats the only bad thing that happend :D

as for todaaaaaay~

got more candy in speech from our review game :P

plus, hahli gave me lots of journals for a present :DDDDDDDD
thank youu!!!!!! gracias mi amigo!!! arigatou gozaimasu!!!

and all other forms of thank yous.

well, exams start today in 7th period...
theatre exam....
but im not too worried

its tennis i need to worry about--coach said wed be working out for the whole hour and whatever we have with him on his exam o_o;;;;

we usually have a free day/party!!!!! :o

oh well

im not too worried about my exams. im a high grade kid, i can do it >3

anywho, thats all i have up to bcis.

sorry the post is so long ^_^;;;

and i'll try to check posts again tonight--hopefully if i remember :P

thank you guys for still giving me fandom :D

and since i'm 15 on the 15th, my golden birthday.......

i'll post something cool tomorrow!
maybe pictures, maybe vids, maybe toys....~

so until next time! and thanks for all your love :D

~kirby, bcis compy (i wish i had pictures on here ;-;)

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