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Sunday, December 30, 2007

whew @.@
sorry i haven't been on in a while...

this project is killing me @_@ one more week and so much more shit to do!!!


did i tell you guys i found another accidental bf?

he likes homestar and pokemon....he uses emotions OCCASIONALLY......and hes always on so i guess its no big deal

he is kinda a noob though....but oh well

can i really call him a bf though?

besides...pikachus friends are uber hot and romantic >w>

wait for me ed!!! *swoon*

LOL jk


cant think of anything else...

oh! i beat battle revolution---much better than colosseum, and not just because im fighting with sasuke, dante, and roy :D

my hottie trainer is marth, with my pearl team.

my secondary trainer (whom i thought i'd be able to the sunnypark challenge with) is marth's "sister", dexi ^_^

i dunno why....i just like the name "dex" XD

that's what my female scyther is named....

the trainer looked like she needed to be a "dexi" :3

anyways that's it.

and infernape and rayquaza look awesome on battle revolution---but blazikens are the absolute most awesome @w@

so until next time!

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lol roy is curious.

pit IS a guy....right?
lol jk

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