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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

everyone enjoying their christmas presents?

i know i am~~

i beat pokemon battle revolution!!!!

my brother only had to do 2 stadiums! a new record!
they were the uber hard ones @-@

i got lots of gift cards X33333 i was trying to buy a hot L shirt on hot topic, but im 2 dollars short on my gift card :<

actually 2.01 dollars short.
oh well i guess

i also got a death note =DDDDD

it has a lot of frickin rules!! XD

but yeah, my trainer on battle revolution, marth, is SOOOOO hot!!!! X333333

kiba~O-O EEP! oh NO!

neji~ i thought you weren't too crazy about being kirby's new love...

kiba~ *fidgets* well....i wasnt....but then after she signed off of the otaku she showed me her sweet shy self and......*blush*

shikamaru~ things just took off from there, eh?

kiba~ >.>

don't worry---i'm not falling in love with someone i "brought to life" :P

anyways, i hope all is well and that everyone had a very merry christmas.

until next time all ^_^

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im runnin out of picies ^^;

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