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Sunday, November 27, 2005

hiya! well, didn't do much today...yesterday was horrible! just ARGH! it was so awful i can't even talk about it..well ne wayz, nothing much happened to today..lol..(it's just 1 am..) so i think im gonna talk about what happened yesterday =(...so me n my brother fight...rawr!..he wants to play COMMAND AND CONQUER GENERAL and i wanna play it too..so i just imagine us yelling at one another swearing(mom and dad's not around..if they were, they could've cut our tongue!) so ya we fought but in the end he won!!! argh..so he spent 5 straight hours on the computer and there was me, watching some stupid movie and waiting for him to get bored! but nyeah that didn't happen....then i came up with some evil plan! hahahahahaha you should've seen him when i got him kicked(didn't kick him really) off of the computer! by saying: "GET UP! I NEED TO DO MY DISEASE/DISORDER PROJ. ABOUT CEREBRAL PALSY!...and i finished it already!..lol...at first, he didn't believe me then i called mom and poof! i won! lol...so now, i was on the computer...he's watching me...i opened MS word...typed the word Cerebral etc etc...like i was really typing my project...then i waited for him to fall asleep or leave the room...hehee...and he did fall asleep! and so i played general! but after that, what makes my day awful yesterday is that...I....I...didn't know how to play the game...hehehe...im weird...am i not? lol..ne wayz..icons!!! ff advent children!! Woooo00OOOot...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i was supposed to make naruto icons but then..i decided to make ff icons..lol...first time..hehehe...well, laters you guys...and don't fight with your siblings! lol...just kidding...hehehe..ttyl! tc everybody!

say, i want to change my site theme before christmas...can't think of anything else..well not really..i was thinking of making a devil may cry + ff advent children theme....i wanna mix em up..lol...or a naruto one featuring...who?..or any other suggestions?? btw, i want a blue christmas..not that im going to be sad on xmas but ya know blue is my fav color..lol..so ya

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