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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

hello peeps! two days since i last updated right?! oh well, ne ways, i must do this quickly..i only have 7 mins. coz my bro's doing his hws..argh...i can do it for him but he doesn't want to so okay..new theme ne way..hope u all lyk it! lol..well, naruto is supposed to be included but i accidentally put a texture then sasuke and sakura just pops out..and im lyk ohh..they look cooler w/out naruto..lol..jst kidding..hehe well ne ways i made a GUILD WARS wallpaper..i dunno if otaku accepted it coz it was lyk too big..hehehe..the bytes i mean...ne wayz i also made icons icons *looks in photobucket*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yay! just three..the 3rd one is my avatar..lol..sasuke and naruto..well skewls kinda okay...not until we had french...we have to do an interview with a partner in front of the class..man that scares me...im not used to speak loud in front of the class..and it was FRENCH!!!! well, that wasn't too bad anyway and im happy that it's over..done..period..watelse? oh! i when i walk home today, i almost slipped! no! i slipped....wanna know why? coz i went to the back lane then there's a dog! no! two dogs..then they started barking..i was lyk..wtf are u barking at?! then i thought they got out of the house and run after me so i run as fast as i can and the road is slippery....so ya..hate dogs! of all the animals that scares me, dogs are the one i hate the most..lol..dunno why..snakes can't scare me..i can choke them...ehehehhehehe..well, dats it..i'll go visit my friends site now! lol! ttyl guys!btw, some personal pics. III..lol...can u guess where i am?..lol

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