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Sunday, November 20, 2005

hiya! just woke up! we have our house blessed yesterday...didn't have that much fun coz my whole body hurts frm the stupd push ups etc that we did friday in gym! argh...so yesterdat we played lots of games....harharhar...me n frend against our sis in mind/brain master and ofcourse! they lost! they lost once! haha...but we tried playing it again just to prove to those lil sis of ours that it's all just luck that they keep on winning! and yesh! we proved it right..hahaha..then watelse? computer! we're fighting against with the some of the guys! and in the end! I RULE...haha...we got the computer until we got bored and then so we let them use it for a few minutes...then we're back to eating and eating and eating...i was so full yesterday..aaahh...no icons today..btw somebody asked me if i thought of making a site to display my icons and yes..actually i have one but too lazy to them up..harharharhr..so laters
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