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Friday, November 18, 2005

HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE IS BY FAR THE BEST HARRY POTTER MOVIE EVER! finally the long wait is really over! finally get to watch it! the movie that im dying to see for ages! well, it was rilly awsome! so so so good! MIKE NWELL for prime minister! man he did a rily good job! i wish he was the director of the third movie (so disappointed with that movie btw)...nyeah! im totally blank right now...i forget everything when it comes to Harry Potter seriously..ne wayz here army favorite parts of the movie:

IIwhen harry is in the tub trying to figure out what's the clue for the second task...then Myrtle came approaches him and he's lyk "what d heck?"
IITHE YULE BALL!!! awww..love it
IITHE entrance of Beauxbaton students and Drumstrang students
IIMALFOY turned to a ferretby mad-eye moddy (barty crouch jr actually)
IIand the saddest part of the movie, when Cedric Diggory died

i don't wanna spoil it for those who want to watch the movie! this movie is a must-be-seen movie! aaaaah! well, after movie we just wait for my friends mom to pick us up...me n ysianel n krel went to dream gifts where evrything is anime! awww...we found what we want but it was for almost 50 bucks! i was look for something which i didn't find =(...but we almost had an accident coz' this some stupd driver didn't stopped at the 3 way stop..i think...and we almost got hit! my friends mom and auntie is lyk so mad at the driver of that car! OOOhhh im so stressed! yet so happy coz...u know..harry potter..my biggest obssession!..lol...but there's something bothering me...i dunno what but doesn't seem ryt...i kinda feel i dunno crappy? maybe because we sat at the very front so we have to look up the screen...lol..well, gotta rest...and it's NARUTO any minute now so ya! baboosh!

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