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Thursday, November 17, 2005

hihihi! ah! finally! the long wait is over! coz tomorrow, IM GONNA WATCH HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE!!!!! waaaaaaaah! can't wait! and finally i went to skewl today..lol..so cold..it was lyk -20 plus -25 windchill dis morning here! awww..and my ears and fingers where so numb when we went outside for lunch..we had our math test back and so happy with the result! btw, ryt now, im watching naruto episode 160 which i think just came out today...lol..and i saw the preview for ep 161 which is so crazy...Gai and Rock Lee...just watch it..lol and oh! i also made some icons:

stuck peace ninja

hehehe..hope you lyk them...lol..well, our puppet show was indeed postponed..we're doing it monday or tuesday! yesh! umm...im so pissed off ryt now..coz' i know some fat brat -kinda harsh but serves him well- who borrowed my naruto head protector during halloween and didn't gave it back..it's a long story..i call him every single day...always bother him in msn/yahoo reminding him to return it to me the next tym we meet which is nov 19 -we're having a house blessing- man if he lost it, im gonna burry him alive (well, not rily)...ergh! i myt just break his bones! *calm down*....so i can't think of anything to put so bye bye for now!

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