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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   Blabber Mouth

remember what i said yesterday? that im gonna post all the past icons that i made? well i knida lie(bad me..bad..bad..bad) nyeah.I AM so lazy to do that now...i mean..urgh...i am alwayz lazy....

today is the best day ever...lol...read the post below and you'll probably kn03 why..ahihihihi...can't think of anything to say except that I am friken excited for November 18 2005 to come!!!! gosh! HARRY POTTER! Im gonna die if im not gonna be able to watch it! which ofcourse will NEVER happen in a million years or so...it just can't...that'll be a miracle! i mean..ME? MISS WATCHING HARRY POTTER?! jeeeezzz....i have to bite my elbow if that happen! so anyway...i kinda feel like it's Friday today..well no skewl tomorrow and in the next day..den we have saturday and sunday! isn't dat fun?! kk...i have a used-to-be klasmyt that made this INUYASHA MOVIE 5 comic or ya...watever dat is....it was so...so..hillarious! it's funny and at the same time, impossible to happen...so nyeah...i'll post icons laterZzzz...oh btw! im kinda bored making icons...i had enough making wallpapers
...hmmm...wat other things should i make?? layouts? buttons? banners? shhheesssh...im so out of my mind...lol..just lyk what my mom said when i said that im not going to Skewl November the 18th! ah well...moutta here!!!


[inuyasha:the first time i made icons feat inuyasha/kagome not my fav characters..but i find them cute together]
inu kagome/inu kagome/inu

well dats it...uh oh...there's one more...


recognize her? that's my favorite icon so far...not the prettiest but ya

one last thing! yesterday, when i was so BOREDDD, i keep making random stuffs using psp 9 and i accidentally made this:

Sesshoumaru's ipod

oh GOd...im rily done..laters

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