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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Skewl was...

[mood:bored...bored bored bored]
[song:Bokitachi no Yukue]
[anime:Yu GI OH!]

wakokoko! just finished washing dishes! hehehe btw, first day of skewl was pretty fine....Not until our TAA teachers announces which class each and everyone of us belong...and oh!! i'm in woods this first term!!! there's only lyk 4 girls in our class..ahihihihi...ah well who cares?!

and hmm....ysianel? i wonder what she look's like now that she got a new hair cut...hehehehehe...
(c ya tom.!)

and we've got this fierce luking teacher in math/french/science? keh! she's old but pretty scary when she talks..lol...and the way she stare at her students!

and t-a-d-a.....

no icons for today..hehehehe...dn't ave time for them...maybe, on weekends lol...ahahaha..and oh! my neck's itchier than ever....i'm tryin' to stop scratching but.. uggghh...i can't stand it!! well, pretty much dats it! im off!

(edited) thnx to my friend Dot Hack Seed!! i finally got rid of the side nav bar! hehehe

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