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Wednesday, September 7, 2005



okay..so where do i start?? umm...since i was...i think 6 years old, i always love to wear silver necklaces..i dn't rily care if it's real or not as long as it looks good ^_^!! but last night, i found out that i can't wear any silver/gold accesories!!! i have allergies on them!! ergh! i was scratching my neck the whole night(until now) coz' it's very itchy...and dang! my neck looks horrible! so red and...ergh! my finger too! i wore this silver ring that my mom bought for me a year ago then when i took it off, it was so red and itchy! hate it! and oh! skewls tommorow! and i'm gonna sleep early and wake up early...fix stuffs..damn it all!!!

sesshoumaru sesshoumaru2 sesshy/inu kagura

there ya go sesshoumaru(2), inuyasha/sesshy(1) and kagura(1) icons! ttyl guys!

+our computer is getting on my nerve too!! restarted it twice and it's still slow! ergh! this isn't jsut mmy day

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