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Friday, September 2, 2005

Icons and cat fight
[song:river below]

howdy!?! lol..well, this past few days, i've been in to making icons and stuffs like that and umm..(edited)i just want to post these five:
Athrun Auel Shinn and dead Stellar Sesshoumaru Shinn and dead Family

ummm...so wat d'ya think?

well, my left arm is full of scratches from my sister's finger nails!!! aawwww...we have a cat fight(but i am not gonna tell you the reason y)she's lucky i dn't have sharp nails..coz' if i do..i am gonna...errghh..nvm...so laters ya'll

(edited) i got not only scratches bruises too..errrg

and oh! before i forgot, plz ask permission if you're to use those icons

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