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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

   It was Cancelled
[song:My Beautiful Woman]
[anime: gundam seed destiny]

well, i just said...umm.last week?! that we're leaving...BUT it was cancelled!! dunno y but we're not going back to Philippines on Sept. 3 awwww...anywho, can i ask some1 if gseed destiny ep 46 is subbed yet? hehe..just wanna watch it before skewl starts...lol

and ohhh...i was a bit glad that we're not going bck to Phil(even though that means that i'am nvr gonna see my grand ma ever again *cries*) coz' i dn't want to miss skewl...hehehe...

and i have a nightmare last night...hehehe...wanna knw what? well, in my dream, i was in my room, sleeping...then i woke up and looked at the windows to see that it's snowing!!!! waaaa...i hate snow...seriously...isn't that scary? hehehehhehe...okie dokie!!! moutta ere! babooossssh!!!

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