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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gah! I must stop neglecting this place! I was on a roll before >.< Oh well... at least you now know I'm not dead. I guess the few art submissions I did proved that.

Anyway... in all honesty, there really isn't anything going on. Same old stuff as usual. It's getting boring. Well, there is Otakon in July. Looking really forward to that. It's my one friend's first time going so I'm anxious to see her reaction lol It should be amusing xD 4-year veteran right here! Can't believe it's been that long already. Soon it'll be 10 o_o; Then I'll really feel old haha

Well guess that's it. Short update... boring life lol



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Saturday, January 17, 2009

   I Return Once Again...
I figured I'd tidy this place up a little since I've left it go for so long without an update :3 Now it has a pretty sparkly background =D

And yeah the pics are self explanatory if you know me well enough XDD

Well guess that's all....bai bai


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a quickie post. I'm bored and feel like writing. I can't write too much though because my Carpal Tunnel is starting to act up again and it hurts a lot. Let's hope the pain goes away soon >.<
I changed my avatar again. I don't think I can make the words on it any clearer than that <3 <3
Well, that's all for now. My poor hand ;_; Hehe, Toushi'll make it all better ^////^

Bye now


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